Engage and connect with Metaverse, Egerton-Idehen charges brands 

By Abimbola Mohammed & Olatoyosi Oladapo

Jane Egerton-Idehen, the founder of J.E.I Consulting, has charged brands and practitioners in the Nigeria marketing communication industry to delve into the exciting realm of Metaverse for successful brand activations, awareness and campaigns.

The tech guru said the Nigerian market has potentials, market size and numbers of GenZ who are the driving force of the metaverse. She added that the online gaming community in Africa is led by Nigerians so marketers should direct efforts towards market potentials in metaverse.

Egerton-Idehen made this call at the Day 1 of The Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAM) Brand Experience summit with the theme: “Unlocking the X”. The event was held at the Balmoral Convention Center, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Her words: “Firstly, let me say Metaverse is decentralized, nobody owns it just like blockchain, NFT etc. I ask myself this question: “What do we as marketers think brands really want and how can we connect what they want to the metaverse?” I believe that brands want to connect and engage with their audiences. I think most times metaverse is another great marketing channel to help brands engage as well as connect with their audience.

“From my experience in telecom, we know that Nigerian consumers are very aspirational, they have the zeal getting ahead of the curve. Nigeria has one of the larger youth populations and they are the ones driving the metaverse. They are big in crypto, NFT’s etc.”

She noted that brand custodians can leverage metaverse as a way to create massive awareness for brands, do activations and also launch campaigns.

“Nigeria has a large digital creator economy because of films, skits, comedies etc. They are open to digital creation. So, looking at these I will say the market is there. Last year there was an event called Flex Nja where digital printers had a metaverse event. Musicians were performing in the metaverse and people actually went there to see them perform,” she said.

Speaking on the sectors that can leverage technology more for brand visibility, she said: “Some of the sectors that metaverse will be relevant for brands are the auto sector and financial institutions by using experience centers or showroom demos. Brands can also use metaverse for campaign launch.”

Egerton-Idehen noted that the three ways banks can use metaverse to create awareness are: for financial education and training, having a banking hall in the metaverse and meeting people to attend to them and use it for elite consumers.

The tech expert advised that marketers can take metaverse as a service and rent out to the fancy and luxury brands as an experience centre.


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