Elon Musk’s Starlink reduces internet price by 45% in Nigeria

By Oluwaseyi Lawal
Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet service provider, has reduced the cost of its hardware by 45% in Nigeria. As of April 9, the Starlink internet router, previously priced at N800,000, now sells for N440,000, according to the company’s recent price update.
However, the monthly subscription fee for the internet service remains unchanged at N38,000. Just a month ago, the hardware was priced at N378,000, but an increase in early March, likely due to the devaluation of the naira, raised the price to N800,000. Although the company did not provide a specific reason for the price reduction, it is likely influenced by the recent strengthening of the naira against foreign currencies.
Additionally, SpaceX’s internet subsidiary has also reduced its hardware price in South Africa, despite not being licensed in the country. South Africans are reportedly accessing the service through global or regional roaming subscriptions.
In an advertisement on X earlier this week, Starlink confirmed its presence in the country by announcing a significant reduction in its hardware price. The price has been slashed from ZAR 12,000 to ZAR 6,800, marking a 43% decrease.
Although Starlink has higher expenses compared to local ISPs, the company, which entered the Nigerian market in January 2023, has generated considerable interest among Nigerians seeking to switch service providers. Its widespread satellite coverage is particularly appealing to individuals in regions with inadequate internet infrastructure, prompting them to opt for Starlink.
According to data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Starlink has emerged as one of the top ISPs in Nigeria based on customer numbers. As of Q3 2023, Starlink Nigeria boasted a customer base of 11,207.


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