Ehiguese calls for updated NIPR Act to combat quackery in PR Industry

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Mr. John Ehiguese, former president of the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), has called for an urgent update to the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Act. He stated this in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE.

He believes that upgrading the Act is essential to effectively tackle the pervasive issue of quackery within the PR industry.

Ehiguese highlighted the growing problem of quackery, noting that it has severely impacted legitimate PR practice. “Clients are becoming increasingly savvy and can differentiate between professional practitioners and quacks, but the latter are still thriving due to insufficient regulation,” he said.

He stressed that while self-regulation is necessary, it is challenging to enforce in the current environment where regulatory measures are inadequate and outdated.

One of the significant limitations of the NIPR Act, according to the PR expert, is the outdated and ineffective penalties for malpractice. “The fines are so low that offenders can easily pay and continue their unethical practices,” he explained. “The Act needs to be updated to impose stricter penalties that can deter quackery more effectively.”

The agency boss also discussed the integration of PR into overall marketing strategies. He emphasized that PR supports marketing efforts by managing reputation and brand image. “PR is a strategic marketing function. It builds and maintains the brand, which is crucial for the overall marketing strategy,” he noted.

Furthermore, Ehiguese highlighted how social media has transformed PR practices by changing how audiences consume and engage with content. “Social media has redefined communication paradigms by allowing users to interact with content through likes, comments, and shares. This engagement is now a key metric for measuring the success of PR efforts,” he said.

He pointed out that the interactive nature of social media necessitates that PR professionals create engaging content that resonates with audiences and encourages participation.


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