Dosumu advocates integration of AI into marketing to drive brand growth

By Felicia Nwosu

Remilekun Dosumu, Senior Manager of Media Investment and Compliance at PHD Nigeria, has emphasised the need to integrate Artificial intelligence (AI) into marketing strategies for end-to-end solutions that enrich customer experience.

Dosumu stated this during the MARKETING EDGE first quarterly virtual summit held recently with diverse themes which include: Reshaping Marketing Communications: Leveraging The Vast Opportunities in AI For Brands’ Sustainability; Strategic AI Integration: Why Brands In Emerging Markets Should Upgrade Infrastructure & Upskill Workforce To Stay Ahead, and Golden Age of Data: Mastering Data-Driven Marketing For Growth.

The marketing icon in her submission explained that it is imperative for professionals to integrate artificial intelligence into their strategy for sustainable brand growth in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

She further urged brands to deploy the power of AI in mapping out the entire customer journey by analyzing touch-points and interactions across various channels thereby optimizing customer experience as well as creating targeted marketing strategies at each stage of the journey.

Dosumu also urged professionals to equally upskill to fit into the new technological requisite as the landscape evolves.

“In today’s digital world, consumers expect seamless experience across the entire world. We must adapt to the situation by integrating traditional, remote and self-service channels. Generative AI is evolving rapidly and presenting its step in the right direction. It is a major development and we need to follow suit.

“Generative AI pretty much bridges open source platforms, making it accessible for cost effectiveness. It also helps you mitigate waste. You can speak to your own specific target audience, people that will make that action. One great area of AI in marketing applications is the consumer experience aspect. This helps in personalizing and enhancing personalization to individuals in a cost-free way.”

The marketing professional further described AI as the new beacon of hope for marketers, while enumerating the diverse milestones recorded so far by AI across industries. The consumer-centric marketer commended some of the approaches and adoptive moves by marketers and explained that understanding the customer journey is crucial for effective marketing.

“Now, the work lies on all sales marketing professionals to find a way to amass this data and bring brands to life. Brands can gain valuable consumer insight. Understanding that consumer preferences, demographics, and behavior allows for target marketing campaigns. We are in a digital age where consumers live true to themselves; they are able to use the materials of data whenever they go online. It is important that we understand that data has come to stay, but where the challenge is, is being able to analyze that data specifically to suit the brand’s sustainability,” she noted.

She pointed out that brands that leverage Artificial Intelligence stand a chance to easily navigate the competitive landscape of today’s market with a well-tailored strategy.

“Artificial intelligence before now was seen as a futuristic tool, but that’s no longer the case. It is in our faces, and it’s time for us to embrace it. Now, let’s look at this data that is going to enhance marketing strategy. By personalizing what actions you’ve gotten from artificial intelligence, brands can gain valuable consumer insight.These consumers currently generate a vast amount of data through their online interaction on a day-to-day basis. The work now lies on all sales marketing professionals to find a way to amass this data and bring brands to life.”

Attesting to the importance of data in the marketing communication industry, Dosumu asserted that Africa currently presents a unique landscape of brands, with a working internet population expected to reach over 800 million by 2025. The continent, she stated, offers a mass potential for growth, adding, however, that traditional marketing tactics often fall short of the dynamic environment.


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