Dochase introduces naira payments for Google Advertising to Nigerian businesses

By Ralph Tathagata

To facilitate payments in naira and overcome the huddles inherent with international transactions, Dochase, a leading marketing technology company and an established Google Partner in media buying, has introduced naira payments for Google Advertising to Nigerian businesses.

The launch, the company noted, is an expansion to the groundbreaking partnership with Google aimed at transforming the landscape of Digital Advertising for Nigerian businesses.

Chibuike Goodnews, Chief Executive Officer at Dochase Adx, said, “This achievement deepens our position as a forward-thinking Marketing Technology Company dedicated to empowering African business.

“Nigerian businesses can now launch and manage their advertising campaigns using naira. This revolutionary step eliminates the complexities of international payments, making global advertising accessible to all Nigerian enterprises.”

The collaboration, the company further explained, allows businesses to launch campaigns faster and more efficiently.

“Whether targeting consumers in Africa, Asia, or across the globe, Dochase provides a seamless experience for businesses looking to expand their reach without the hassle of dealing with multiple currencies.

“This will empower Nigerian businesses to reach a global audience with unprecedented ease. By removing barriers to entry and simplifying the advertising process, Dochase is committed to fostering growth and innovation within the Nigerian business community.”

Known for connecting millions of businesses to their target audience through digital advertising, media buying, rich media and growth marketing, businesses and agencies leverage Dochase’ advancements in AI to drive growth and value.


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