CURLLA debuts in Lagos, promises pampered experience

By Felicia Nwosu

It was glitz and glamour at Lekki Phase 1 and its environs as CURLLA unveiled its state-of-the-art, one-stop-shop unisex salon. The futuristic beauty hub is located at No. 17b Wole Ariyo Street, off Lekki Admiralty Way, Lagos, and promises to give its customers a lasting sense of place.

Speaking during the unveiling, which was held at the cosy ambience of the salon, Lola Adedeji, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of CURLLA, said the hub was created to redefine hair beauty salons in Nigeria. She noted that the elite outlet is designed to offer an uncommon and unparalleled pampered beauty experience, which centres on personalization, exclusivity and distinctive professionalism.

“We have the best hair service and etiquette here. When you go to a typical salon in Nigeria, there is a big mirror, a big noisy television and people chatting. But they don’t know much about the client. At CURLLA, it is more about the clients and how they feel. It’s about how they are treated by our stylists. If you have issues, you could let us know, and we will try and deal with those issues. In Nigeria currently, I will say there is none in this space. I hope there will be some day,” she said.

Ms. Adedeji noted that CURLLA is for clients with a taste for exquisite beauty in a pampered manner. The new beauty hub, she added, is simply a home away from home as it offers clients a luxury atmosphere with a touch of hospitality by offering nostalgic treatment which includes chilled tasty champagne and other expensive beverages meant for royalty, comfort and peace of mind.

“Before this was crafted, we had already thought about who our customers are and how they might want to be treated. So, for CURRLA customers who are not for the masses, we understand how they think and feel and how they want to be treated. Things they like to drink, music they like to listen to, products they would like to use, and how they want to be styled and served. So we have all that in place.

“These are things that we have lost in the Nigerian beauty landscape and those are what CURLLA is offering. One of our core principles are privacy quality, peace of mind and luxury.  When you walk into CURLLA the first thing you notice is the smell, which is our signature smell. One of the things the smell does is to welcome you to our world and it also calms you down. When you get in here you quickly get into serenity,” she explained.

“CURLLA’s services cut across all gender and ages as young children also enjoy a limitless offer of its service with a customized setting to meet their needs while enjoying the touch of CURLLA and still smile home with mouthwatering customized goody bags,” Ms. Adedeji added.

The seasoned entrepreneur also added that as a luxuries and premium brand salon, CURLLA is poised to deliver top-notch beauty services to its clients from a wide range of portfolios of offering such as 100% hair extension, nails, lashes and other body services which all originated from a credible known sources devoid of chemical and other preservatives.

“Constancy and consistency is a big thing for us. What you meet today, you will meet in ten years. Our staff is always in training and we are always keeping up with new trends in the industry because we want to make sure that you don’t always leave Nigeria for the best and we must ensure that what you get here is uniquely packaged with global taste. I will be happy to see competitors coming up because I want Nigeria to be better, but they will never be CURLLA,” she enthused.

CURLLA, whose logo defines its mission status with curly hair, distinguishes itself as the ‘only’ beauty salon that exists for clients with a class and taste for pampered luxury. Its bespoke services expands its tentacles across the entire one-storey beautifully designed building with its team of professional nail technicians, creative hair stylists and eyelash specialists who are out to ensure that clients are well taken care of while indulging in their body enhancement services.

Appointments for hair services can be made by booking via the CURLLA mobile app, WhatsApp, email and via its various social media platforms.


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