Curlla brings luxury, privacy to hair salon business in Nigeria

By Olatoyosi Oladapo

Curlla Salon has entered the high end niche the Nigerian hair salon business with a bang. The high end beauty salon’s unique value propositions are hinged on Quality, privacy, peace of mind, education about self, hair health and general beauty.

Lola Adedeji, CEO Curlla Luxury Salon speaking with MARKETING EDGE on exclusivity mentioned that the salon was birthed with the core purpose of bringing back what has been lost in the Nigeria hair salon business and filing the gap of what is lacking which is privacy. She further said that her love for privacy and quality while having ones hair done, further contributed to the launch of the luxury salon. Her major motivation was to make consumers have the luxury they    travel out to get at their fingertips.

According to her, ”Quality, privacy, peace of mind, education about your yourself, your hair health and your beauty, with the state of heart facilities, that makes one think why go abroad when you can have what you want at your nearest stop; are the core principles guiding Curlla luxury salon”.

Curlla Luxury salon, a unisex salon, the ultimate expression of luxury, quality and privacy is the brainchild of Miss Adedeji, the serial entrepreneur and brand builder. While emphasising professionalism, luxury, uniqueness and privacy as the unique value proposition for the Salon, Adedeji said that compliance with the house rules, booking and appointment policy and the push to create a signature smell for Curlla luxury salon are part of the bouquet of service delivery that sets Curlla apart from the others.

Manned by highly professional and well trained staffs, the high end salon located in Lekki is expected to open its doors to customers as from the end of April 2023.

“As from the 30th of this month, you are welcome to the lavish, luxuriant treat in our state of the art salon manned by world-class staff. We assure you of a beauty experience comparable to what you get in Paris and the fashion and beauty centres of the world and most importantly where your privacy and security is guaranteed. With services like beauty and hair extensions, sale and installation of luxury hair extension and wigs, makeups, manicure architecture and pedicure Curlla salon is the place for the truly beauty minded”, Adedeji enthused.


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