Industry players applaud Bamigbaiye on launch of “Imperfectly Awesome”

By Felicia Nwosu

It was a momentous occasion as many industry professionals turned up impressively to celebrate the successful launch of the book: “Imperfectly Awesome” – Embracing and becoming a Wholesome You, written by Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye.

The industry players, who gathered in numbers at the cossy ambience of Grandeur Event Center, venue of the launch, commended the brilliant author for her exploration in resilience, courage, and unwavering determination against all odds. They described the book as fountain of knowledge and wisdom, essential for both personal and professional success and growth.

Kemi Longe, Head of Marketing at PZ Cussons, lauded the courageous move by the author, especially for trailblazing notable giant strides in the industry aside her accomplished career.

“For Dr. Tola to have done this, I will like to first congratulate her, and if you know her very well, you will know that she has so many stories to tell. She is so many stories by herself, and I am so glad that she has gifted the world with one of her stories. For anybody who reads this book, especially the younger women, one of the biggest take outs would be understanding greatness, resilience, and that you are more than enough. Dr. Tola has done a fantastic work in this book,” she said.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, First Katalyst, Soji Odedina, also appreciated the multi-talented marketer, commending her for leveraging her story in dishing out transformative lessons for personal growth through the book.

“I am going to read it, so I am going to buy so many copies before I leave here. But the most important thing is about the person who wrote the book. Tola is a very serious-minded person, courageous and professional. Looking at a person like Tola, I have a daughter whose name is also Tola, and I will love to shape her professional career like that of Tola herself.

“The reason is that when a woman climbs to PHD level, managing both her career as well as her academics, you cannot but give kudos to that kind of lady. So I expect that this would inspire a generation of women and young ladies across the world. I also expect that it will also shape the future of the younger generation who are coming behind her. I recommend it to young people and everybody, and to us men who are managing the women,” he said.

Frankline Ozekhome, CEO & Head of Growth, Identiture Africa, applauded her for breaking the convention as a frontrunner who can inspire others to also break the norms in writing.

“This bold step will sort of open the doors for people, especially in the creative and marketing industry, who can now appreciate and say, so this is what it takes to share who I am. You don’t have to follow the conventional way, as people usually share their stories on social media on their blogs. But you can also put it on a platform that can be there for many years. People have been challenged to write a book by penning down every event of their daily lives which can later come in a book form just like what she has done. It has inspired many to break the norms against all odds in order to be an achiever.”

He commended the author’s approach to nurturing self-compassion and self-love for a harmonious and balanced life of fulfillment and stronger connections.

“I like the fact that she has bottled up her experience by launching this book. I feel it is a great inspiration for both men and women, especially where she talks about how you can become your better self and I think we need that more from our marketing professionals given the challenges they face.”

Segun Ogunleye, General Manager of the 7Up Bottling Company, in a reflective mood, attributed the launch of the book to Omotola’s resilience and self-determination. He affirmed that “Imperfectly Awesome” offers insights and inspiration for diverse professional journeys.

“I have known Dr. T. for a while. I met her in Cadbury, and I have followed her journey. I dare say that her journey has been that of inspiration, personally to me. Dr. T. is brilliant, cerebral and very empathetic. She is also open to sharing, as regards to ideas that can propel, not just to the marketing sector, but also generally in life. I can only say congratulations to her. I do know that the book possesses some nuggets about life, wisdom about the marketing space, and I am going to be recommending it not just for friends and colleagues but also for generations that are looking to make it big in the marketing sector in Nigeria,” he said.

“Imperfectly Awesome” was recently launched in Lagos. It relives Dr. Bamigbaiye’s years of wonderful memories and timeless success in the ever-evolving world with many actionable takeaways. It gives insights to the writer’s childhood, professional life, work, philosophy, failures, resilience, self-determination and lessons in her career trajectory.

Photo caption:

From left: Kemi Longe, Marketing Director PZ Cussons Nigeria; Chioma Mbanugo, Head of Marketing, PZWilmar and the author Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye, during the book launch in Lagos, recently.


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