Coke studio delights consumers with generative AI music studio

By Abimbola Mohammed

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take centre stage at this year’s music festival as Coca-Cola brings generative AI to concert-goers at a series of music festivals through its Coke Studio activation. Coca-Cola, in partnership with experiential agency Momentum Worldwide, is set to give festival-goers a taste of (virtual) stardom.

The Coke Studio activation, launched in May, will be featured at a series of major music festivals this summer and early fall, including Lollapalooza in Chicago and Austin (Texas) City Limits. The studio will also be at a handful of upcoming festivals through the remainder of the year.

This move sees Coca-Cola continuing to explore generative AI within marketing while also upping its bets on shared music experiences.

Coke studio will be combining various AI elements, including Chat GPT and AI video generation for consumers to create a track, music video, and album cover in about as much time as it takes to wait in a long line for the bathroom.

According to the beverage giant, fans at participating music festivals can enter the two-story Coke Studio and answer a series of questions at the programme then use it to generate the group’s Real Stars identity, which includes name, song, and album art as well as the music and video elements themselves.

James Robinson, chief creative officer, North America, at Momentum Worldwide, said: “This immersive experience is a great example of connecting Gen Z’s passion for music, creativity and technology to propel brand growth among the next generation of consumers.”

Jason Alan Snyder, Chief Technology Officer, Momentum Global, noted that while it may feel like a magically effortless endeavour for festival-goers, it required a lot of work to bring the experience to life. He explained not just for the creative tech involved, but also in ensuring brand safety and legal compliance.

“This entailed working closely not just with Coca-Cola’s brand and marketing teams but also legal counsel, to mitigate the risk of the generative AI doing anything in conflict with Coca-Cola brand guidelines or the company’s privacy and security policies,” he said.

Snyder added that ensuring brand safety was “front-of-mind” for its technology strategy. Momentum spent enough time early in the process in engineering responses, working with different AI tools and connecting technology, to avoid any hiccups along the way.

“We spent a lot of time training our models to have AI understand not just what to do, but what not to do as well; we went through a ton of rigorous training around all of that.”

Ultimately, the experience may prove a training ground not just for the teams involved, but the broader marketing possibilities of generative AI.

“We broke a lot of new ground here. My hope is it helped Coca-Cola gain confidence in using this technology, knowing that this technology can be used, can be safe, and result in fun, positive results for brands,” Snyder added.


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