Chi Limited bags top 50 brands Nigeria Award

CHI Limited, has this year again been recognized amongst the foremost brands at the recently held Top 50 Brands Nigeria Awards. As Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of fruit juices, dairy products and snacks, at the heart of this recognition are innovative products like Chivita and Hollandia which are benchmarks and definitive standards in their respective categories.

By identifying needs and meeting them, adopting innovative approach to consumer trends, delivering on their value proposition and effectively communicating same to the consumer, Chivita and Hollandia have become household names in Nigeria.

By using specific criteria including brand popularity, category leadership, innovation, national spread, Corporate Social Responsibility and online engagement to measure brands, the Top 50 BrandsNigeria Awards evaluate and celebrate top brands that have consistently maintained leadership position in their categories, living up to their promises to become a part of the popular culture, owning properties and associations that evoke positive emotion from consumers.

According to Taiwo Oluboyede, CEO of Top 50 Brands Nigeria, the top brands for this year are those that are fast growing in value and have succeeded in delivering their promise to the consumers. He noted that these brands have adopted a winning habit of delivering something special by often doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

“Chivita and Hollandia from the stable of CHI Limited are two brands that have stoodout in their categories for their conscious effort to build equity by offering healthy products with superior value and insightful consumer engagements that shape how consumers experience the brands,” he said.

For CHI Limited’s Marketing Director, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya, the recognition from the Top 50 Brands Awards is a welcome development for a brand that has prioritized consumers’ expectations and need for health, nutrition and refreshment with the best quality juices and value added dairy products.

“We are delighted about the award because it is a reflection of our commitment in ensuringonly the best in juice and value added dairy products are made available by us to meet consumers’ expectations. Chivita and Hollandia will continue to deliver on the promise of superior value and innovation by identifying consumer needs and meeting them,” he said.

The recognition for Chivita is seen as another milestone for a brand that has continually grown its mind share by innovative quality products, effective communication and consumer satisfaction.

This award joins a growing list of recognition awards for CHILimited which includes most recently, The Marketing Edge Award for Outstanding Juice Brand of the Year, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Award for Brand of the Year, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria’s (MAN) 50th AGM Awards, to name a few.

Driven by a passion and commitment to excellence, CHI Limited is one of the most admired companies in the domain of Food & Beverages in Nigeria. While it prides itself in offering products that are themselves benchmarks in their respective categories of Juice, Dairy based Beverages & Snacks, each CHI offering is admired for its highest quality, nutrition & health standards. Today, CHI Limited is the undisputed market leader in juices, fruit drinks, yogurts and value added dairy beverages in Nigeria. The company attained this status by consistently delivering innovative products that have become household names in Nigeria.

In the fruit juice category, mega brands like CHIVITA 100%, CHIVITA Active, CHI Exotic, Happy Hour by CHIVITA, CHIVITA Ice Tea and Capri-Sonne occupy leading positions in their respective segments. CHI Limited also takes great pride in its range of dairy products, such as Hollandia Yoghurt, Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Hollandia UHT Milk, Hollandia ChocoMalt to name a few and its range of snack foods like CHI Superbite Premium Beef Sausage Roll, Beefie Beef Roll, Beefie Meat Pie and CHI Classic Cake.


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