Cavista Holdings taps Wole Adedeji as new GMD

By Felicia Nwosu

In a strategic move to align with its vision of future growth, Cavista Holdings has appointed Wole Adedeji as the new Group Marketing Director.

Cavista Holdings Limited, which is celebrated for its leadership across diverse sectors of the economy, stands as a leading conglomerate in technology, agriculture, hospitality, and fintech. Through this appointment, it has demonstrated its readiness and passion to harness top-tier talent to drive its long-term goals.

Wole Adedeji brings over 20 years of extensive, multi-industry, and multinational experience to his new role.

His well-known expertise and wealth of knowledge make him the perfect choice for Cavista Holdings.

Having acquired and refined his skills across various industries, Wole understands the industry terrain inside and out, elevating his impeccable track record which has earned him honorable recognitions along his career impressive journey.

His vast experience alongside his undaunted guts which remains unshakably remarkable, has made him an invaluable asset in his career trajectory over the years.

Prior to his current position at Cavista Holdings, he has held numerous key positions in different companies and departments, including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with Heineken N.V. and and Guinness/Diageo, technology with Interswitch, telecommunications with Glo Mobile, and advertising with Insight (Publicis) Communication and Omnicom Media Group.

His leadership and mentorship acumen, especially among younger professionals, have defined him as an exemplary leader.

Wole’s dedication, work ethic, and passion for excellence have distinguished him from his contemporaries and even older colleagues. He has built a distinctive and respectful niche for himself through his zeal and penchant for excellence.

Across segments, departments, and industries, Wole has continuously set himself apart with his unique approach to his roles, making him a go-to person for industry players both within and outside his sector.

His dependable personality has built in him, an unshakable brand, resonating profoundly within the industry.

Wole has not only transformed the various spaces he has been part of but has also mentored many to achieve the zenith of their careers.

Wole’s hard-working DNA and positive traits will continue to radiate as he brings his extensive knowledge and experience to Cavista Holdings. His presence promises a new era of growth and innovation, ensuring the company achieves its strategic objectives and long-term goals.

His enduring impact has consistently left a legacy of excellence and charisma wherever he has worked.

Cavista Holdings is confident that Wole Adedeji’s appointment as the Group Marketing Director
will significantly enhance its leadership team and drive its marketing efforts to new heights.


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