Brandzone Consulting LLC together with its knowledge development arm Brandplatform Lecture Series will host the inaugural Brand Innovation Conference, the first of its kind in Nigeria. The Conference will hold on Wednesday October 21st 2015 at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. Registration for the Conference is open on the website

The Brand Innovation Conference is themed “BRANDING IN THE NEW NORMAL”. Being the first of its kind, the Conference is hinged on sharing new insights on how the advancements in Technology and the rapid proliferation of Digital and New Media has changed the overall landscape of business operations and consumers’ interaction with brands in the market place, thereby giving new ways to reach out to consumers which in turn create opportunities to drive more customer engagement in the market place. Harnessing and maximizing these opportunities require executives to lead their organizations with skills necessary for these new ways of operation.

The conference is expected to bring together hundreds of top, senior Branding, Marketing and Communications professionals from diverse sectors including Financial Services like Banks, Pension and Insurance, Oil and Gas sectors, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Consumer Retail Services. They will converge to share learning and new insights about the future of Branding and Marketing in a technologically driven world. The Conference will equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to thrive in these new era.

According to Malize, “The rise of technology has transformed the Marketing and Branding paradigm. Today’s consumers are engaging very differently with brands owing to the growing power of the connected consumer and an explosion of new technology tools. Branding, marketing and communications experts today face a constant proliferation of new methods and channels for consumer engagement that queries the traditional approach. In the 21st century, there is a battle for customer attention and the pressure to deliver meaning and business impact quickly is compounded by the new always-on digital, social, and mobile world. Brand messaging and management in this “new normal” must convey more than simply what the brand does for an individual consumer; it must engage the consumer and build positive relationships and associations that sit excitedly at the consumer’s heart.”

The Full Day Conference focuses on how Branding, Marketing and Communications experts can reach today’s technologically savvy audiences, build deep customer relationships, and connect with the consumer in a positive way. The Conference shall give participants fresh insights and new knowledge to continue creating the most innovative strategies and ideas for businesses and products while building profitable businesses.

Speakers at the conference are industry thought leaders who are Marketing, Branding and Communications experts from diverse sectors that include FMCG, Telecommunications, Banking, Oil and Gas and Advertising representing Multinationals, Fortune 500 firms, Blue Chip companies and top rated indigenous corporations.

“We have the most amazing community of Branding, Marketing and Communications professionals. The Conference Speakers line up is rich and constitute individuals with proven track records of performance in their various fields. The Conference Advisory Board is filled with industry thought leaders. The members are responsible for the strategic direction of the Conference. The support and participation of these executives from top performing organizations ensures that we create excellent content and a conference that delivers maximum value” said Chizor Malize, Managing Partner Brandzone consulting LLC and Converner and Visioner, Brandplatform Lecture Series.

The Conference is structured to address the key and contemporary developments in Branding and Communication that can support organizations drive increased brand penetration, revenue and profitability. The resource packed Conference programme includes a keynote address and four different plenary sessions and panel discussions all taken by industry experts.

The sessions will examine a wide variety of topics relevant to building successful brands in the 21st century. It would provide insight and new knowledge to brand managers on how to keep global brands locally relevant. It would provide insights on the strategies for connecting brands to consumers while driving profitable businesses.

The sessions would provide fresh insights and new knowledge on Communication practices, concepts and principles in a digitally driven age. It would explore the role of digital marketing and new media in engaging with today’s highly discerning consumers. There shall be knowledge sharing and engagement on successful brand roll out from local markets to International as businesses have begun to seek opportunities beyond borders.

Focused on achieving collective intelligence, the Brand Innovation Conference is hinged on the collection and documentation of new knowledge and best practice in the areas of branding, marketing and Communication Management with a view to aid industry development.

Part of the process is to provide a platform where participants will:

  • Gain new knowledge and insights needed to drive more customer engagement.
  • Increase knowledge on media, technology and brand management strategies.
  • Understand the dynamics of digital and new media in achieving business objectives.
  • Increase knowledge on social enterprise dynamics as a catalyst for organizational growth.
  • Learn and share branding best practice with industry experts
  • Network and connect with industry leaders and practitioners across diverse sectors.

The conference would equip participants to drive positive impact in their organizations.

“The Brand Innovation Conference would attract over 200 top professional and provide an opportunity for individuals to learn new concepts and principles for effective brand management. It would be a great platform to learn, deepen knowledge on Branding and communications with an unparalleled networking opportunities”, said Malize.

BrandPlatform is a knowledge-based arm of BRANDZONE CONSULTING focused on developing content and information that aid the growth of the practice of Branding and Communications Management. Owing to the dire need to constantly infuse their brands with ideas and dynamic thinking, corporations and practitioners are constantly seeking for opportunities to elevate the thinking and capabilities of their branding and communication team.

Working with industry thought leaders, the Brand Innovation Conference is designed and developed to bring about continuous growth in the practice of the branding and communications through knowledge dissemination and exchange.

Interested Participants can visit to to register for the conference as well as for updates and more information.



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