Brands that launched attractive Valentine’s Day campaign this year

By Abimbola Mohammed

To make the most out of this year’s Valentine’s Day, capture maximum attention and garner more loyal customers, some global brands launched unique creative campaigns for their digital and traditional media. This list features exceptional campaigns that capture consumers’ attention.

Pizza Hut, Brilla, Terra Cube, Cadbury, and other advertisers have deployed a range of love-themed marketing efforts this February.

Pizza Hut launched a “Red Tuesday” campaign aimed at offering customers the chance to send breakup pizza to their partner.

The brand noted that since the number of breakup that happens during valentine season is high, it offers customers the chance to score a free goodbye pie with a customized heartbroken theme box. The box is available to be claimed via a customers’ microsite.

The post on it Instagram page read: “Pizzahut Delivers the spicy news in a sweeter way with Hot Honey Goodbye Pies. Their heart may be broken, but at least their stomach will be full. We’ll help you send a breakup text along with a new Hot Honey pizza to ease the pain.”

Cadbury chocolate launched a compatibility test campaign with Cadbury egg compatibility test aimed at match marking lovers. The social media campaign read: “We’ve teamed up with Dating Expert @annawilliamsonofficial to help you find your perfect match with the Cadbury Creme Egg compatibility method.”

Barilla has resurrected its “Love Pasta” with heart-shaped noodles that aren’t the only Valentine’s Day offering the company had planned for this year. The romantic pasta’s initial return in January was accompanied by a giveaway of two interlocking diamond rings, known as “The Ring-a-toni,” crafted by jewelry maker Alison Lou, as well as a full menu takeover at Nordstrom Restaurant Group locations in which every pasta dish will be made with Barilla Love.

Terra season cube launched a captivating social media challenge called Unwrap your rizzy, with a short video featuring Elozonam who surprised Diana with his cooking skills by using Terra seasoning cube to unwrap the chemistry between them.

The brand also offers consumers the chance to have a dinner date with their crush by participating in the unwrap challenge on their social media page.


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