Ayodele highlights trends to shape experiential marketing in 2023

By Felicia Nwosu

Idowu Ayodele, Head Growth Officer, Business Strategy and Product Innovation at Connect Marketing services, has outlined some of the emerging trends and activities that will shape the business and practice of the experiential marketing subsector in the year 2023. He noted that, with the increase in technological application and the rise of virtual reality devices, brands will be able to create interactive and immersive experiences for their customers. According to him, this could include branded games, simulations, or virtual tours of their products or services.

Ayodele, while sharing this in an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE, explained that 2023 is the era of pop-up experiences and installations taking the centre stage for brands to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

“In 2023, we may see more companies creating temporary activations that offer unique and personalized experiences for their customers. Also, theater experiences that engage all of the senses may become more popular in 2023 as brands look for new and innovative ways to create memorable experiences. This could include interactive plays, installations, or performances that incorporate sound, scent, and touch. In addition to immersive theater, multi-sensory events that combine food, music, and art may become more common in 2023. These experiences can be tailored to specific audiences and can create a strong emotional connection between the brand and the customer,” he said.

Ayodele also underscored some of the business outlook within the landscape in the year for the practitioners to latch on. He revealed that as consumers become more interested in unique and engaging experiences, brands are increasingly turning to experiential marketing to build stronger connections with their customers. This, he noted, will be as a result of the viability of continuous growth in experiential marketing, a trend he reaffirmed will likely continue all through the year.

“Part of what will form the activities of the year will include focus on innovation. This is because experiential agencies that are able to stay on top of emerging technologies and trends will be well positioned to succeed in 2023. This could include using virtual and augmented reality to create immersive experiences, incorporating data analytics to personalize experiences, or creating eco-friendly activations that resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

“There will also be the desire for expansion into new markets as experiential marketing continues to grow in popularity. There may be opportunities for agencies to expand into new markets and regions. This could include partnering with brands in emerging markets or leveraging global events like the Olympics or World Cup to create unique and engaging experiences,” he added.

For business opportunities within experiential agencies in 2023, he maintained that personalisation is a growing trend in marketing, and experiential agencies that are able to create personalised experiences for consumers are likely to be in high demand. This could include using data analytics to customize experiences based on individual preferences or incorporating personalized elements like custom product samples or interactive installations.

“Professionals should expect eco-friendly activation where consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability and environmental responsibility, and experiential agencies that are able to create eco-friendly activations are likely to become top-of-the-mind. This could include creating activations that incorporate recycled or biodegradable materials, or partnering with eco-friendly brands to create socially responsible experiences,” he said.


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