Agencies need to be in sync with the client- Biodun Adefila

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Biodun Adefila, COO, SO&U Limited, has said that agencies need to know the client’s objective and their plans. According to the marketing Amazon, a situation where the agency’s offerings no longer work for the client is an indication that relevance has to be sought elsewhere. Adefila made this assertion during an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s foremost brand and marketing magazine.

“What we need to do is to recalibrate, but this can’t work alone with the agencies, it needs to be a partnership between agencies and the clients. They also need to be open in the sense of sharing information like saying, ‘guys, this is where we are going! This is what we need now’.  Both parties have to collaborate together.

“For instance, if I go to the client as an agency with my strategy, insight-driven ideas, and how we should execute, they should also provide information based on research that they carried out. This way, we will be able to achieve the objective,” she said.

According to her, what that does is that there is unity of purpose as both parties are not working at cross purposes. “We are driving on the same course towards the same objective, so one person reinforces the other. We can always be on course and get things done”.

She explained further that marketing is not only about communication, it is about the product as well. For instance, in a country of millions of people, if only a small segment can afford the kind of product you are putting on the ground because of its Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), you don’t need to be told that you need to reduce the size or do something to ensure that it becomes affordable for the other groups or segments that constitute the market.

In her words: “It becomes less of an issue of communication. If the product itself is good, it’s about being accessible to the consumers who need it. So if they don’t need it in a huge jar they may need it in a small jar, where communication will come in is how to reduce the package in a way that it will make sense to the target audience.”


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