Adnek Food & Beverages unveils Dublin City Whiskey, Dublin City Gin

By Abimbola Mohammed

Adnek Food & Beverages Limited has officially unveiled an award winning whiskey brand called Dublin City Whiskey and Dublin City Gin into the Nigerian spirit market. The Single Malt Irish Whiskey and Gin was recently launched at Shores Night Club, in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The new premium whiskey and gin brands with the distinctive smooth taste is known for its visual appeal and premium content.

Speaking with MARKETING EDGE in an exclusive interview, Honourable Ifechukwu Mbanefo, MD/CEO Adnek, said: “Dublin City Whiskey is a premium Whiskey, likewise is the Dublin City Gin. It is not just a blended whiskey that you bring together; it is a tasty whiskey with single malt and a whiskey with an accent.”

According to him, the introduction of Dublin City Whiskey and Dublin City Gin into the Nigeria market is strategic and deliberate despite the stiff competition in the whiskey brands category.

His words: “Dublin Whiskey and Dublin City Gin is a premium single malt product that has a very distinct taste that should be experienced not just for the sake of drinking, but also because we want people to have good drinks that won’t affect their health. This brand is the type of drink that does not damage people’s organs.”

Drawing an analogy from the Holy Writ, the Adnek boss averred that when it is said, “a little wine for your stomach’s sake”, the writers must have Dublin City Whiskey in mind. “It’s a premium whiskey brand with a mature and distinctive smooth taste and premium malt to cater for consumers’ health. It is known for its visually appealing packaging and premium content,” he said.

During the launch, Diego Menedez, Commercial and Sales Director, Adnek Food & Beverages Nigeria, said: “We started with the gin first in 2017, and at the moment we have the most awarded gins in Ireland with 17 Gold Medals and that was the beginning that opened the doors for us.”

He added that Dublin City Whiskey is cask strength and also an original brand, noting that the brand name is embroiled on the bottles to prevent adulteration.
Spirit lovers, connoisseurs, club owners and club goers who witnessed the launch and partook in the product sampling attested to the quality and smoothness of the drink. It is especially good, easily tolerated, mixes and blends well with cocktails. You won’t go for other brands of whiskey.

Dublin City Whiskey, “Irish Whiskey with a Dublin Accent”, is Ireland’s most impressive award winning brand. It’s distilled in super premium small-batch in the finest London Dry Style – the recipe is prepared by hand, which includes ripe rhubarb grown along the Grand Canal in Dublin itself. Dublin Whiskey has been acclaimed for quality and taste as a multiple award winner with over 30 accolades to its name.

“We know the whiskey market is a very tough and competitive one, but this brand is a game changer because of its quality. I want people who drink whiskey to taste the difference from what they are used to. Since the announcement and preparation for the launch of the product, people have reached out to order for the brand in cartoons because they liked its smooth taste,” Mbanefo enthused.


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