Adesuwa Ladoja appointed as MD/CEO of Lagos Free Zone

By Felicia Nwosu

It is a new era of innovation and growth as the Lagos Free Zone, the Board of Directors of Tolaram, a leading Nigerian conglomerate, has appointed Adesuwa Ladoja as the new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

The significant move which is poised to transform the zone will become effective July 1, 2024, as Ladoja takes over from Dinesh Rathi, who Finance serves as Group Finance Director.

Adesuwa Ladoja’s appointment marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Lagos Free Zone. Her visionary leadership and innovative strategies have, in recent years, driven a renaissance in this segment of the economy.

Under her stewardship, this sector has captivated investors, business leaders and policy makers alike, reshaping the business landscape with a blend of craftsmanship with contemporary innovative ideas.

Her remarkable career, with significant roles at Ajumogobia & Okeke and KPMG, highlights her ability to spearhead major projects, such as the Lekki Deep Sea Port, from conception to operational success. Her extensive knowledge and robust expertise have consistently propelled the companies she has led toward unprecedented growth and innovation.

Known for her hard work and strategic brilliance, Ladoja has a proven track record of driving positive outcomes. Her exceptional team-building abilities have earned her widespread acclaim and respect in the industry. She has successfully integrated her honed skills into various facets of the industry, enabling the Lagos Free Zone to find its way into every corner of the business sector.

The versatility of her expertise knows no bounds as her approach has seamlessly helped the Lagos Free Zone sprint forward with limitless leaps and bounds, while businesses within the zone are expected to experience significant growth and transformation, propelled by her visionary approach and strategic insights.

She holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Obafemi Awolowo University and a Master of Law degree in International Business Law from King’s College, London. Her academic and professional achievements reflect her dedication and expertise.

As Adesuwa Ladoja steps into her new role at the Lagos Free Zone, the industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact of her leadership, as her arrival signals a new dawn for the company and the wider business landscape, filled with promise and transformative potential.


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