Ad Dynamo by Aleph enters Nigeria, what’s in store for advertisers?

By Zion Rufus

Ad Dynamo’s entry into the Nigerian market is set to bring about a significant transformation and create new opportunities for brands looking to connect with the country’s vast consumer base.

With over 100 million internet users, Nigeria stands as one of the fastest-growing digital markets in the world, and Ad Dynamo aims to bridge the gap between brands and consumers by offering tailored digital advertising solutions.

Let’s just call this a gold mine of digital potential.

The company, backed by Aleph, a leading global enabler of digital advertising in emerging countries, provides a comprehensive suite of services including media planning and buying, creative development, and measurement and analytics.

With a team of experienced professionals who understand the nuances of the Nigerian market, Ad Dynamo is well-equipped to assist brands in effectively navigating the digital advertising landscape.

Stanislaus Martins, the Regional Meta Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Ad Dynamo, sheds light on the company’s role as the face of Meta Platforms in Nigeria.

Martins explains that Ad Dynamo is not an agency but represents Meta Platforms in terms of sales. One significant benefit for Nigerian businesses is the introduction of local billing, which simplifies the payment process for Facebook and Instagram services.

Martins states, “Now that Ad Dynamo represents Meta in Nigeria, we have a local office, a local bank account, a fully local team, and companies are able to engage with us. So when you want to run your campaigns, you can pay locally.”

Ad Dynamo’s presence in Nigeria also brings enhanced knowledge and expertise in Meta Platforms. Martins highlights that their team possesses a deep understanding of the platform, comparable to those working directly for Meta.

This enables Ad Dynamo to provide consultation services and recommend tailored solutions to clients. The company places great importance on support and training, leveraging its global resources to conduct weekly training programs.

Stephen Newton, the Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, highlights the effectiveness of Digital Ad Expert, a free digital media education platform offered by Ad Dynamo.

Digital Ad Expert aims to educate and certify the next generation of digital professionals in Nigeria and beyond. Newton reveals impressive statistics, stating that their methodology leads to 2x higher graduation rates, 50% less dropout rates, and 90% more engaged learners.

Digital Ad Expert serves as a platform for newcomers to learn the basics of digital advertising, while also providing experienced advertisers with the opportunity to enhance their skills.

Over 1,000 Nigerians have already benefited from the program, seeking to acquire essential knowledge or refine their existing expertise.

Ignacio Vidaguren, Partner and Global Chief Operating Officer at Ad Dynamo, emphasizes the company’s global infrastructure, which aggregates untapped advertising revenue from digitally developing economies. This infrastructure acts as a bridge, widening access to and equalizing the global digital media ecosystem. Vidaguren also highlights the diversity within the Ad Dynamo team, with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and aspirations, fostering a constant learning environment.

Tintin Imevbore, the Managing Director for Nigeria at Ad Dynamo, shares the company’s excitement about entering the Nigerian market, recognizing the vast opportunities for digital advertising.

Imevbore stated, “We believe that there is a huge opportunity for digital advertising in this market, and we are committed to helping brands reach their target audiences and achieve their business goals.”

With its comprehensive suite of digital advertising solutions, local presence, and commitment to empowering Nigerian brands, Ad Dynamo is poised to make a significant impact on the Nigerian digital advertising landscape.

The company’s entry into Nigeria marks a new chapter in the country’s digital advertising journey, offering brands the means to connect with a growing consumer base and achieve their business objectives.


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