Business/CEOs are more trusted than government-Report

Businesses and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of business organizations are more trusted than their counterparts  in the four major institutions such as government, business, non-governmental organization, and the media, according to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Survey Report.

The report reveals that businesses are now more trusted than government as about 37 per cent of the general population say CEOs are credible, while 29 per cent say the same about government’s officials in the countries surveyed.

Edelman Trust Barometer Survey Report is an annual global study known for conducting research on the level of trust and credibility to do the right thing by the four major institutions of government, business, non-governmental organizations and the media. It has its presence in 65 countries around the world.

The online survey was conducted by Edelman Intelligence and consisted of 25-minutes interviews from October 13-16, 2016 which sampled about 33,000 respondents across 28 countries.

The global survey asked respondents how much they trust the four institutions of government, business, media and nongovernmental organizations to do what is right.

The report further states that the media had the deepest plunge in trust as 57% of respondents in all the countries surveyed said that they distrust the media to do the right thing.

Speaking during the public presentation of the report at Eko Hotel and Suite, Managing Director of Chain Reactions, Mr. Israel Jaiye Opeyemi, said that efforts should be geared by the four institutions to regain the trust of the people.



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