Active ISPs decline as operators fail to renew licenses

By Seun Johnson
The number of active Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria has witnessed a sharp decline from 252 recorded in the month of May to 242 in July.
According to the updated database published by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) in July, the decline was primarily caused by the operators’ failure to renew their licenses after their expiration.
NCC stated that the issuance of new ISP licenses to Sulfman Consulting Ltd. and NGCOM Lastmile Solution Ltd. on July 1 did not stop the overall number of active Internet Service Providers from declining.
This, according to the commission suggests that 12 ISPs relinquished their licenses in June.
The ISP license, which has a five-year tenure, costs N500,000 and is renewable. However, the NCC has expressed concern over the growing trend of ISPs not renewing their licenses, which is contributing to the continuous decline in the number of active operators in the telecom market segment.
This development is said to have raised concerns about the sustainability and growth of the ISP sector in Nigeria, highlighting the need for strategies to encourage license renewals and support the industry’s expansion.
It is, however, believed that the decline in active ISPs if continues may affect the competitive landscape and service delivery in the country, potentially impacting internet accessibility and quality for consumers.


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