59% of Nigerian population ready for global digital currency – Survey

Base on a recent global survey conducted by Luno, a global cryptocurrency platform, with respondents from South Africa, UK, France, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria (15,000 respondents), more than half of Nigerians are ready to adopt a global digital currency.

According to Owenize Odia, Luno’s country manager for Nigeria, a high degree of unpredictability and economic challenges has ignited Nigerians and will continue to ignite them.

In her words: “This year, we’re seeing a level of uncertainty that hasn’t been seen since the 2007-8 global recession and with this, there’s been a wave of Nigerians making their first steps to learn about cryptocurrency.

“People have had more time to research the benefits of cryptocurrencies and how they present a viable solution to many of Nigeria’s challenges around high inflation, currency volatility and a limited banking infrastructure.

“With ongoing inflation and other fiscal challenges, we anticipate that more Nigerians will continue to explore different ways of getting the most value from their money.”

From the findings of the study, 52% of Nigerians feel their local economy is performing poorly. Compared to a previous study, additional 21% of Nigerians believe the value of the naira will continue to depreciate by the end of next year.


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