Chicken Republic New Food Menu “Egg Star”: Yay or Nay?


Elizabeth Olagunju

“Every new change forces all the companies in an industry to adapt their strategies to that change – Bill Gates”

Chicken Republic, a top Nigerian fast-food company, launched its latest menu on April 25th, to mixed reviews from Nigerians. The company announced the addition of its Egg Star Meal comprising Rice and Egg with Sauce, to its menu.

The fast-food chain said in an Instagram post on Monday that the newly launched menu will cost #500 and would feature rice and spaghetti with stew sauce and eggs “Start your week right our delicious Egg star meal. Enjoy an egg with either Spaghetti or white rice and our delicious new sauce for only #500″

This latest move by the brand is highly unexpected; no one saw it coming, and it elicited a mixed reactions from Nigerians as well as a slew of questions like; Did Chicken Republic make the right move? What was the reason for their decision? What does this say about the company’s brand image?

It’s no surprise that the new move provoked a flurry of emotions from Nigerians on social media and in person. This is because it represents a significant shift from the brand’s exclusive use of chicken in its menu and its glitzy image as a top premium fast-food firm for the wealthy. Nigerians wondered if Chicken Republic is now the premium mama put restaurant.

Some of the comments on social media read: “Chicken Republic needs to learn to name their meals from all those costly restaurants,” one critic said of the new menu’s moniker, “Egg Star.” “Sauteed Unborn Chicklette with Classic White Rice and Native Sauce” would have been the name. “Chicken Republic selling rice without chicken is crazy bro,” piggvest co-founder Odun Eweniyi said.  Some applauded the brand move, “Chicken Republic will do business in Nigeria for a long time, they are aware of the market and are willing to make changes as needed.”

When asked about their take on the new food menu in a short interview, some had this to say; “I think it’s a strategy to get more customers, some people now have reasons to go to Chicken Republic because of the new rice and egg menu, so it’s a win-win situation for chicken republic, so it won’t be as if they don’t have affordable meals”

“Economically, it is good. But then, the packaging really looks like an insult to our face, someone I know got one yesterday, how did we get here?”

Although the new Chicken Republic menu is considerably different from their regular offerings, given the state of the Nigerian economy, it is reasonable to conclude that this is a beneficial move for the business. It demonstrates that this is a business that understands how to cater to its target audience and is aware of the current economic condition in Nigeria, as evinced by the fact that their meal is available at a reasonable price.

Does chicken republic qualify to e termed ‘a new change’? Will this e a trend-setting move? Time will tell.



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