$10,000 Warc Innovation Awards opens to clients’ agencies

A prize of $10,000 prize fund is available to be won by Brand Custodians and marketers’ winning papers on innovative ways they have transformed their brands at the Warc Innovation Awards. 
The Warc Innovation Awards recognizes innovative thinking that delivers tangible results. The Awards are free to enter and open to entries from any country and any communications discipline. 
“Warc is looking for innovative strategies that might use new technology, or that might use old technology in a new way” says the organisers. 
A winning entry might show how a brand’s products or services were transformed, or show how innovative thinking disrupted category conventions.
The top entries will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. The Grand Prix for the best overall paper will receive $5,000 while  five $1,000 Special Awards that will be awarded at the judges’ discretion.
Recalled that Insight Publicis was awarded a Gold in last year’s WARC for its work on the Pepsi LongThroat campaign.


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