Zenera partners CSR-in-Action to promote inclusivity and gender equality

Leading PR agency, Zenera Consulting, is partnering CSR-in-Action, a non-governmental organisation, at this year’s Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) Conference.

According to the organisers, the conference is an annual workshop organised by CSR-in-Action to promote gender equality, inclusivity and advocacy on gender-based violence against women especially during the Covid-19 global pandemic. The conference, themed: Inclusive Communities, Inspired Women’, holds virtually on November 17th-18th, 2020.

On the choice of gender inclusivity and equality as a policy focus for this year’s conference, CSR-in-Action said: “The focus of this year’s conference is on the challenges faced by women in the extractive industries. Whilst the extractive industries hold promises for host communities’ progress, they pose more risk than opportunity for women and girls, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, with increased risk for gender-based violence and World Bank statistics pegging the percentage of women who have suffered gender-based violence at a conservative one out of five.

“For this reason, we intend to tactfully question and reverse norms that have culturally and systematically hampered women’s progress, with especial focus on equity, inclusion, justice and gender-based violence in host communities in Africa.”

The SITEI initiative focuses on stakeholders in the oil and gas and mining value chain, comprising host communities, businesses, civil society organizations, government/regulators and the media. However, our primary target population are marginalized groups in the extractive communities (access, host and impacted), particularly women and the young, and the digitization of today’s world helps us to effectively reach all of Africa.

CSR-in-Action Consulting is an African-focused consultancy reputed for delivering long-term value to corporate entities through pioneering and bespoke sustainability strategies, networking, performance management, ethics infusion and corporate character development.


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