Wield the Big Stick on Election Campaign Materials – Adisa

Mr. Lanre Adisa, MD, Noah's Ark

Mr. Lanre Adisa, MD, Noah’s Ark

The Chief Executive Officer of Noah’s Ark, Mr Lanre Adisa, has charged relevant regulatory authorities in the sector on the need to ensure election campaign materials comply with the relevant laws guiding advertising practice in the country.

Speaking on the recent issues concerning some campaign materials considered to have violated the rules governing advertising practice, Mr Adisa noted that it was obvious that advert materials were being deployed in utter disregard of advertising laws of the country.

Describing the act as share hooliganism, the Noah’s Ark boss, blamed relevant regulatory authorities in the sector for not wielding the big stick, by punishing those involved in the unwholesome practice.

He argued that though the sector is witnessing a surge in advertising activities due to the deployment of electoral materials which has not really transformed into a huge commercial success for the industry since most of the ads materials were being deployed by non-professionals.

The MARKETING EDGE 2013 award winner observed that “Besides the fact that the communications were not well thought out, I can’t also see the advertising agencies providing or creating solutions, unlike in those days. This, I think, is due to the fact that one cannot actually see much of an engagement of professional services to handle these communications”.

In an attitude confirms his disenchantment with the attitude resignation by relevant authorities, he concludes, “That is why I will blame the relevant regulatory authorities for not wielding the big stick. Anybody would want to run afoul of the law if they know they can get away with it. But, if, for instance, the media owners are mindful of their roles in the whole process, the fact that there is a regulatory body that can sanction them for unprofessional behaviour, they would insist on certain standards. But that has not happened. People know nobody would come after them”.


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