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Grey Cottage Limited, a subsidiary of Brands Optimal Limited is the proud owner of the eight month old website: www.wowme.ng which creates memorable and unforgettable experiences for its clients (both individual and corporate) through exquisite experiences, personalized gifts, events and activities. In less than one year of operations, www.wowme.ng has carved a niche for itself and is making waves in both corporate and family circles in Nigeria. In an exclusive interview with MARKETING EDGE’s ANIETIE UDOH and DANIEL ETEGHE, the Business Director Ms. Ochola Joselyne shed a very bright light on the brand and its unique services.

What was your motivation for establishing an experience providing platform and how did you go about fulfilling your desires?

At www.wowme.ng we recognized that our entire human experiences are captured in memorable moments: whether they be of victory or failure; happiness or pain; courage or fear! These moments conjure unforgettable images that form the montage of our lives. However, a lot of people are very busy to properly plan how to mark these moments. There is no comprehensive platform that you can easily have access to in Nigeria that provides this. If, for instance, you want to go on holiday, you have to go through a travel agency. If you want to buy gift items, you have to go through a gift store; if you want to celebrate your birthday, you have to go through different locations; you don’t have a platform that solves all the problems just at one base. Now, with www.wowme.ng ,we are solving this. On top of having all these units on one platform, the assurance of having it personalized is achieved.

We have designed a system that creates experiences that focus on our clients’ lifestyles, current trends and exquisite; that, for us, is the motivation. Our past experiences have shown that our recipients are left satisfied, appreciated and impressed with our quality service delivery.

What were the challenges that you encountered in those early days, and how did you surmount them?

Our mantra is simple and continues to be our motivation through the challenges and the successes, that is “Anything that you are going to start, do not start it if you are not going to do it WELL”. Our team understands that in life- from waking up to going to work and living, you are always have challenges; but if you already know what your focus is, the rest will be very easy. That is how we have been able to cope with our challenges; that is how we have been able to keep going and making sure that we do what we set out to do.

Also, we have strategic partnerships with the best in the industry. For instance, a husband trying to appreciate his wife during their 10th year anniversary, we would ensure the dinner reservation is at a 5 star hotel partner, the band delivering the roes and the limousine picking her up to drive her to the location is done in the latest model of vehicle and coordinated by our professional representatives, the “WOWME Angels”. A first-class delivery is our focus.

How do you distinguish yourself from other competitors in the industry?

Four things:

  1. We focus on precision and premium delivery
  2. Strategic partnerships with the industry giants.
  3. Customization – understand what drives each client.

We never compromise on this.

Your brand name Wowme, offers a hint into what your brand proposition is, which is to create unforgettable experiences for your customers, in what ways do you inspire such experiences?

WOWME strives to transform ordinary moments into special moments that celebrate and affect people in a unique and unforgettable way. By taking advantage of the ever-growing innovative gifting options, unique venue ideas, creative entertainment alternatives and access to advanced technologies to create unique, more sophisticated and totally unexpected gifting and celebration solutions.

We integrate the above and personalize each experience we deliver to ensure it is not generic or repetitive.  For instance, for your husband’s birthday- ‘he loves wines’. Instead of a bottle of wine with a present delivered at the office, a quartet will deliver the invite at his office, playing his favorite song. They would lead him to a private wine tasting and creation winery. He would have a one on one with the wine maker. As a surprise gift, a bottle would be engraved and written in his name. It’s still his birthday, but WOWME style.

Innovation has become one major driver of business sustainability, what are the key innovations that power wowme’s success?

We are adventurous, creative and unpredictable! We are an empathetic, resourceful and keenly imaginative brand. We are magicians! We inspire beyond your wildest imagination! With WowMe, always expect the unexpected. We possess the insight, creativity and the power to surprise.

For instance: A gentleman who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. He said, they always go to the cinema, they always watch movies; even if he is angry with his girlfriend, or they are fighting as long as they talk cinema everybody is happy. He wanted to propose to her after a movie and we said, no problem…

Our WOWME Style involved him doing it while watching the movie. Not just any movie, but at the premier of Avengers: Infinity War. It was showing for the first time in Nigeria.

In partnership with Genesis Cinema, the gentleman came in with his girlfriend, like they usually do. However, what she didn’t know was her friends and family were already seated in the cinema. Understand, the cinema was sold out, however the family members, his friends, everybody was there and the cinema was full but the family was there, the cousins, and all. The movie started, within one hour (1) of playing, the movie was stopped, a musical band came in playing her favorite song, and the movie screen started playing their (couple) pictures and video. Her boyfriend on screen asked “Can I ask you something”. That’s the WOWME style.

What is your assessment of the gifts industry in Nigeria and what are the opportunities for growth?

The fact is that most of the gifts are generic, mainstream and “same old-same old”. It is quite hard to find unique gifts to give to loved ones, family and celebrants. Often times, people ask “I gave him boxers last year, what can I give him”, this can be others or even themselves.

Our goal is to create a platform that solves this. We have created a platform that offers a wide range of unique and exquisite gifts that address the different moments and occasions in peoples’ lives as they celebrate/mark the various celebrations.  We are focusing on creating a variety that offers our clients a continuous assortment to choose from.

What are the trends in the industry?

Entertainment and leisure trends keep emerging and changing: from bungee jumping to silent disco to virtual 5D gaming to wildlife resorts, skydiving and more. These are available, however not a lot of people have no access to them. At WOWME, we ensure we negotiate, create experiences and make them affordable and easily accessible to our clients.

Nigeria keeps growing and growing, people have a lot to experience. WOWME will always strive to deliver and make these trends accessible to peoples’ celebrations from birthdays to weddings to events and more – We will keep you involved: No excuse.

I read on your website that you are not a generic brand, neither are you a jack-of-all-trades; so who are your target audience and how do you engage them?

You can’t be a jack of all trades; you will fail and that is why we have a platform which is defined:

At WowMe, we seek to serve people and organizations that want more than the ordinary! Our community of clients is characterized by people who are adventurous, tasteful and discerning.

Our packages are simple and detailed, achieved through first-class service delivery achieved through working with the best in the island.

Our website offers a section for customization, this is open for people who wish to speak to customer representatives who are there to help you achieve what you are looking for- 24 hours a day.

What are your goals?

The number one experience creating and provision platform in Nigeria for both individuals and organization. That is exquisite, perfectly delivery and customized.

How has it been working for brands?

It has been fantastic. We have delivered premium experiences and events that have left our clients satisfied and our goals achieved. And, we will continue to do so. From handling the ComEx annual staff appreciation birthdays, anniversaries, women’s day celebrations, Macallan Systems Dinner at The George Hotel, THE ALUMNI ACCOUNTING CLASS OF 2005, OAU ILE IFE at Radisson Blu, and more. It continues to be a creative journey, unforgettable experience creation and exceptional service delivery.

What are the feedbacks from your clients; is it in tandem with what motivates you?

We have overcome clutter and confusion, so we are clear space- elegance in all its simplicity. We innovate and are creative- always pushing, our currency is ideas. We esteem Value over Volume and where volume becomes a necessity, it must lead to greater value- the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

We are always happy to hear from our clients that they feel it in our delivery. We will continue to strive and keep growing.

How old is the business?

Right now, we are only eight months old, we have handled major clients as mentioned above and will continue to do so with God’s speed.

How were you able to beat the two-day deadline that was given to you?

If you give us a brief in the morning, given our drive and focus- we would deliver on time and in line with the specifications. We will always strive to achieve excellence for our clients.


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