UAC unveils two new Gala variants

UAC Foods Limited, makers of Gala, has added a new taste to its gala brand with the launch of two new variants of its well-loved beef sausage roll, called Gala Spicy and Gala Classic. The new product variants, which come in a bigger 100gram size, have been carefully formulated to enrich the Nigerian snacking experience, on the go.

UAC revealed that these new variants are crafted to deliver more value, as the new Gala Spicy and Gala Classic variants come in a bigger size, offering more spice and beef filling at N100 only.

The Gala Spicy sausage roll is enhanced with extra flavour and spice (pepper) to match Nigerians’ love for delicious spicy food and snacks, while the Gala Classic is a re-launch of the old Gala classic sausage roll, offering more in the beef filling, taste and size, and giving consumers more value at a great price.

Dele Ajayi, Managing Director of UAC Foods Ltd, commenting on the product launch, said: “UAC Foods Limited has been a partner to the Nigerian diet for over fifty years, offering nutritional products that enrich the Nigerian lifestyle. The launch of our Gala Classic and Gala Spicy variants is no different. Our commitment is to deliver great value at a great price to our consumers. I am certain that our consumers will enjoy the tasty experience of the new Gala Spicy and Gala Classic.”

Gala is a leader in the sausage roll category in Nigeria. Satisfying Nigeria’s hunger since 1962, Gala beef sausage roll is trusted by millions of Nigerians to provide the fuel required to keep going at great value for money.


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