MIPAN demands Nigerian rep for Loeries awards

The Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) has tasked the organizers of Loeries Awards to set up a local representative in Nigeria to drive the award locally.

Head Technical Committee, MIPAN, Mrs. Adaora Adheke, said setting up a local representative would create a lot of awareness about the Loeries Awards in the country.

Expressing her displeasure in her office during an interview with MARKETING EDGE, Adheke noted that at the moment the organizers of Loeries Awards only reached out to the advertising agencies in the country.

“Unlike the Loeries Awards, we have a representative of the Cannes Lions Awards in Nigeria known as the Young Lions Competition. That means, for Loeries to be well grounded in the country, it has to set up a representative,” she said.

She, however, called for the inclusion of the media buying agencies emphasizing that her nomination as a member of the panel of Jury for the 2017 Loeries Awards would help to galvanize participation among agencies from the media buying industry.

Asked if Nigeria media buying agencies would participate in 2018 Loeries Awards, Adheke said “Yes but the organizers of Loeries have to come to Nigeria, talk to the industry, talk to MIPAN.

“We can fix a meeting. They should come and present to MIPAN, what is Loeries Awards because Loeries Awards is something that is up coming in Nigeria. Cannes has been there, somebody is driving it locally, and they have to get a local representative to drive the Loeries Awards in Nigeria.”


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