TV tops Global ad spend with $141.8bn in 2016

Despite the rise of digital technology in advertising, Television topped global advertising spend with $141.8billion in 2016.

In a report released by WARC, a marketing intelligence service, tagged Global Ad Trends Report, Television drew about 34.9% worth $141.8bn of global ad spend last year.

Data from WARC’s 12 key markets – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and United States, accounted for approximately two-thirds of the value of global ad trade.

The report further shows that data drawn from analysis of more than 600 case studies in WARC’s database recorded high-budget campaigns of about 66% worth $10million of their media spend to television.

It further shows that financial services and alcoholic drinks brands were brands that dominated the TV-led ad campaigns.

The report reads in part: “Additionally, with an increasing budget comes an increased proportion of budget allocated to TV. At the same time, the proportion of budget allocated to digital decreases.”

“TV accounts for: 24% of daily media consumption, 35% of global advertising spend, 47% of global display ad spend, 66% of successful high-budget campaigns and 88% of global video spend”

WARC’s Data Editor, Mr. James McDonald, said that the advertising industry increasingly relies on factual and evidenced data to make business decisions on a daily basis.

According to McDonald, with the launch of our monthly Global Ad Trends Report, which is included as part of our newly enhanced data platform, we will provide the latest independent, objective and unbiased information drawn from actual figures rather than modeled or estimated data.”

Aimed at media and brand owners, market analysts, media, advertising and research agencies as well as academics, WARC Data provides current advertising and media information.


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