Three crowns 30DaysFitnessChallenge inspires Nigerian mothers to imbibe a fitness lifestyle

As Nigeria’s urban population grows and the middle class expands, there has been a rise in the level of health consciousness among consumers. Nigerians are becoming more interested in nutrition and fitness leading to substantial growth in the health and wellness market in the country over the last decade. A number of top Nigerian brands have tapped into this growing demand for better nutrition to develop programme and initiatives that helps consumers satisfy their desire for healthy living

One of the prominent movers in this new direction is Three Crowns Milk, Nigeria leading low cholesterol dairy brand. In the last two years, Three Crowns Milk has positioned itself as a health-conscious brand; supporting this with campaigns and initiatives that not just persuade people to purchase the brand but also adopt health-centric lifestyles. One of such exciting health-focused campaigns is the Three Crowns 30 Day Fitness Challenge which rounded off recently.

The #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge was designed to encourage Nigerian consumers, especially mothers, to create fun ways to live a healthy lifestyle by cultivating healthy habits into every moment irrespective of what they do and what they take.

While the event lasts, consumers were encouraged to workout with whatever materials they had like buckets, kegs or do simple routines that do not require expertise supervision to accomplish. Interested participants were encouraged to share their routines and meal plan for 30 days on Three Crowns Instagram platform to participate in the challenge. Consistent participants were promised a rewarded for their commitment.

It was a campaign that ignited a carnival of fitness activities across the country as thousands of fitness enthusiasts sent in short video clips in a bid to claim the goodies on offer. But evidently, the biggest motivation for most of the participants was not the reward on offer, but the desire to challenge oneself to attain a healthier and more beautiful body, which of course aligns with Three Crown overall objective for the project.

Speaking about the event Senior Brand Manager, FrieslandCampina WAMCO, Mrs. Omolara Banjoko, stated that as Nigeria’s leading low cholesterol milk brand from the stables of FrieslandCampina WAMCO, Three Crowns Milk is a brand that cares for the health and well-being of its consumers, especially mothers, who are the strength of the family.

“Three Crowns Milk has since recognised that mothers are the foundation of any family and as such they need to stay fit and healthy,” she said. “This is why we strongly believe in supporting mothers to provide the care needed for the development of the home.”

The 30 day fitness challenge actually came to live during the cardio dance sessions held across three locations across the country. Fitness instructors had been dispatched to Ibadan, Uyo as well as Surulere in Lagos, to guide participants through a series of workout regime, this time around in a proper fitness environment with proper workout instruments. Not all those who sent in entries were selected for this face of the challenge, many actually fell by the way side. Yet at every location where the cardio dance sessions held, there was unmistakable enthusiasm energy and dedication. And Three Crowns Milk was on hand to provide the needed support, vitality and nutrition for the participants.

The Teslim Balogun Stadium in Lagos, one of the venues for the #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge  was a beehive of activities. Close to hundred consumers inundate the venue. They were all excited about the opportunity that Three Crowns Milk has provided them to strive for health and wellness. “I could not have missed this chance, not for anything in the world. Having professional fitness people take you through workout session like this is priceless, and I appreciate Three Crowns Milk for putting all of these together,” Tony Olawale, a Lagos based banker said.

The feeling was the same in the ancient city of Ibadan. At every session, mammoth crowd defied the city’s traffic to assemble at the fitness venue. The instructor who was equally a professional drilled the participants through various sessions, trying to get the best out of them. It was a mixture of fun and exertion and at the end of the day; everyone was happy about how the routine went and were full of praise for Three Crowns, who have actually demonstrated their concern for mothers’ wellbeing.

“I cannot thank Three Crowns enough for their gesture. By this they have shown they don’t just care about selling their products, but they truly care about our health as mothers,” Toyin Ajanaku, a businesswoman in Ibadan said. She added that Three Crowns has awaken her interest in workout again, promising that she will ensure that it becomes part of her lifestyle again, just like in the past.

But unlike Mrs. Ajanaku, Ruth Etukudoh, a Grocery store owner in Uyo had a phobia for workout. “I am naturally a lazy person, so I stay away from things that require too much physical exertion like workout. My husband has been encouraging me to register in a gym but I wouldn’t. But when I saw the Three Crowns Fitness challenge I was inspired to give it a try. They made workout look easy and fun. And I was particularly swayed by the concept of workout with whatever. So I started from the kitchen and later bedroom and I love every bit of it. Since then, I have fallen in love with fitness and I can’t thank Three Crowns enough for this change of lifestyle.”

But #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge was not just about exercises; Three Crowns Milk also seized the moment to educate Nigerians on the need to eat healthy. Seeing that workout alone was not adequate, mothers were educated by nutritionists on how to get the most from their culinary adventures so that they can stay healthy and fit, and continue to play their roles as pillars of support for their families.


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