The Cannes Lions, an ever fresh story to tell

Although it has been around for well over six decades and despite that it is in its 66th edition, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity story has remained evergreen. In fact, it is one story that remains ever fresh to tell and one which is sweet to the ears of millions of people across the world!

It would be recalled that inspired by the International Film Festival, a group of worldwide cinema screen advertising contractors felt that the makers of advertising films should receive similar recognition. In order to promote the cinema medium, they established the International Advertising Film Festival in 1954.

The first Festival took place in Venice with 187 film entries from 14 countries competing. The Lion of Piazza San Marcos in Venice was the inspiration for the Lion trophy. The second Festival was held in Monte Carlo and then in Cannes in 1956. After that, the Festival took place alternatively between Venice and Cannes.

In 1984, Cannes became the permanent home of the festival before Roger Hatchuel took the festival into the modern era when he took control of the event in 1987.

Over the following 30 years the festival and awards continued to evolve to reflect the changing face of communications.

Today, it continues to serve all of marketing communications as a forum for debate and discussions.

Since its first outing in 1954, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has been delivering consistently on its mission of bringing the creative communications industry together every year at its one-of-a-kind event in Cannes to learn, network and celebrate.

Every year, Cannes Lions explores the value of creativity in branded communication: from product and service development to the creative strategy, execution and impact. The five-day festival and awards provides the industry with access to beautiful new ideas, pioneering consumer research and emerging technologies which will help make and shape popular culture.

At the 2019 edition, participants should expect the awards to celebrate new ideas that are shaping the next wave of creativity. This, the organizers maintain, is because the definition of creativity is changing all the time: it is no longer confined to the art of storytelling. To create meaningful connections with consumers in this disrupted and dis-intermediated world, therefore, communicators will be presented with both immense challenges and mind-blowing opportunities.

For this year’s edition, there are 27 different specialist Lions spread across Communication (seven); Craft (three); Entertainment (three); Experience (two); Good (two); Health (two); Impact (one); Innovation (one); and Reach (six).

In all, Cannes Lions is where participants find the tools to win. The content programme and School inspires the next generation of leaders. They should also expect to network with their global colleagues and discover the best talents in the world.



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