Six Steps to Winning at The Loeries

The Loeries is the biggest creative laurel in Africa and the Middle-East. For Nigerians agencies planning entries for the 2017 Loeries in Durban, here are six winning tips as shared by the Loeries CEO, Andrew Human:

Start with a great idea: we have a saying in South Africa which says ‘you can’t polish a toad’ no matter what you do, you can’t fix a bad idea. You can put money into a bad idea, you can put production into a bad idea, you can buy the media, but it’s going to remain a bad idea.

Keep the work simple: don t over complicate you entries. The judges are going to be looking at hundreds of entries. In the first round, they have to vote in or out. So you are going to say ‘what will make the judges vote my entry in the first round’. The reality is if a judge looks at an entry and doesn’t understand it, he votes it out! Give an overview that will make the judge understand your idea. Like in the newspapers; let the heading tell the story; don’t keep the best for the last like in a novel. The judges never read pass the first two paragraphs.

Don’t create work for the sole purpose of winning an award: we have very experienced judges who can go back to the relevance of the work. So you have to work with your clients and do work that add value to your client.

Study the category and know where to enter: we have lots of categories with details and instructions. Make sure you go through the categories and read the instructions. Our team can also help you. If you are not sure, you can contact the Loeries office for guidance.

Make your stats relevant: for instance, if you say our facebook like increased by 400%, that also means that if you have just one facebook like before, and you now have four likes, that’s 400% increase. So try and put things in context. If you put numbers in, remember that the panel is mixed across the regions. If you put things in Naira, it might not count much in Dollars. But you can say we reached what the client will normally reach or spend in six months in Nigeria.

Presentation can lose you an award; you have a panel of around 10-12 judges. So what you are doing here is that you are pitching to them. You can’t say the campaign was great and it’s obvious, and because of that give a sloppy presentation. The same way you can’t walk into an organisation and say ‘hey, we are a great agency and you have to give us the business.’ So treat every entry as a pitch.


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