Samsung launches fold-able phone

Samsung has announced four different versions of the new Galaxy S10, a phone with a 6.1-inch display.

The plus-sized model is a “less expensive” version of the phone, and a handset that will support 5G networks when it ships.

The launch of the flagship phone event took place this week in San Francisco, But the most interesting part of the launch was undeniably Samsung’s reveal of its new foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold.

It wasn’t the very first time this phone was shown off, but this time around Samsung showed a demo, shared a ship date, and announced that it would cost a whopping $1980.

How will a foldable phone fit into our lives? How does any super-expensive smartphone fit into our lives (and our budgets) these days? These are a couple of the questions we had for Axios chief tech correspondent Ina Fried.

He has tracked the mobile industry for more than a decade and who joined us on this week’s Gadget Lab podcast.

Ina brought nearly half a dozen phone models with her to compare to the new Samsung wares, and, even though it was visual demonstration on an audio podcast, you’re not going to want to miss this.


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