Samsung allows customers to buy movies, apps, and games through TV

Samsung just made it a lot easier to get new movies, games, and apps through television.

The company’s newest smart TVs will now come equipped with Samsung Pay, so that customers can buy extra content without having to enter payment details every time.

The aptly named Samsung Pay for TV will support credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other mobile billing methods. If the credit or debit card number or PayPal email and password is already associated with a Samsung account it will be transferred straight to the Samsung TV.

If not, it will only have to enter the payment details on TV once. Once the set up is complete customers will be able to buy extra content by pushing the “Pay Now” button on his screen and entering a four-digit PIN to confirm the purchase.

The new service will only be available on select models in Samsung’s 2015 and 2014 range of smart TVs.

The small move is a smart one for Samsung, which has dominated TV sales for some time. The whole point of making it easier for people to pay is that it stops them having to think about paying, meaning that they are more likely to buy what you’re trying to sell them. By streamlining in-app purchases and making it easier for people to buy or rent a movie on whim, Samsung could sell a lot more extra content.



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