Provide robust strategic planning to curb press agentry; Modion Comms boss tells PR professionals

Managing Director, Modion Communications, Mr. Odion Aleobua, has provided the solution to the incessant incursion of press agents into the PR space. Aleobua who owns a PR agency said the provision of a more robust strategic PR plan by practitioners in the Public Relations industry is  the only way to curb press agentry.

Aleobua made this assertion while responding to questions during an exclusive interview by Marketing Edge.

He said that, “In Nigeria, those who have access to touch points can easily act as middle men. So, you see media practitioners acting as PR but for me as an agency I am never bothered because I tell people that we are not press agentry, we are PR agency.”

He argued that if PR practitioners continue to offer services to their clients who are synonymous to what such clients could get from media practitioners then the middle man can easily corner their job.

In his words:“But if you continue to provide a more robust strategic planning that involves more than just getting the media to building reputation, managing crisis, spotting crisis, building investors relations and all of that.”

“There are some things that are inherent in your plan that the middle man cannot take; so even if he shows up, the client will say, you know what my agency has you in his plan go and meet him because it is more robust but if you continue to plan like a middle man then the client is always going to look at you and say ok you know what let this guy do it, he is even going to do it at a cheaper price.”

The Modion Communications Boss noted that he has never and will never see media personnel as a threat affirming that it is only PR professionals who do not have a mastery of the profession and up their games that such media practitioners could compete with.

It should be recalled that the a section of the PR industry has been agonising over the  proliferation of media practitioners (Journalists) who work for most clients and offer them press agentry services.


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