Programmatic Advertising has Wider Reach and is Cost Efficient – Paukstys, Eskimi DSP, CEO

Eskimi DSP, CEO, Vytautas Paukstys, has disclosed that programmatic advertising remains a viable option for the success of marketing campaign.  He emphasized that it is pertinent for brand managers to understand what this branch of online display advertising actually does.

Paukstys made this known when he spoke with MARKETING EDGE during his recent visit to Lagos, Nigeria.

In his words, “Programmatic is using the computer to decide where to place ads. In more technical terms, it uses algorithms and bid pricing to reach your desired customers.

“Digital’s key challenge is to prove itself in the eyes of decision makers. No CMO would question the benefits of billboards, yet these benefits are 10 times less quantifiable than digital benefits. With Programmatic, you define your target audience, you know exactly how many people you reached, how many of them engaged and you can implement different tracking tools to know how many people converted. Based on this, digital is driving huge value to clients to track the whole user journey and calculate conversions”, Paukstys said.

He added that Programmatic, by its nature, is cost efficient and his company, Eskimi has currently serves ads to 40 million internet-ready devices in Nigeria, by placing them on 20,000 sites and apps.

“We sought to stand out with a brand promise that incorporates wide reach, data-enriched audiences, cost efficiency, diversity in creative formats and brand safety. To that end, our Programmatic platform serves ads to 40 million internet-ready devices in Nigeria, by placing them on 20,000 sites and apps. More crucial is the way we segment this audience by device types, browsing habits, age, gender, location and socio-economic class.

“Programmatic, by its very nature, is cost efficient. It buys ad space from publishers in auction process, paying the lowest price for available inventory. Recent development in technology enables us to incorporate rich media and video into programmatic campaigns”, he disclosed.

Speaking on the opportunities available in programmatic, Paukstys said: “In terms of market volume, South Africa is leading the way, with Nigeria in close second. In terms of share of marketing budget, however, Kenya trumps Nigeria in digital. They have a keener understanding of digital innovation, avidly consuming rich media, Programmatic and DMP tools.

“Considering the fact that we launched the first local programmatic network for Africa, and local data management platform two years ago, we can’t really compare it with the more established European and American digital markets. Europe and America are still way ahead with a lot more digital attribution tools and data management platforms”.

Eskimi is a media company with two key platforms: mobile programmatic platform with 250 million-user reach in Africa and a social network that has grown to 9 million users in Nigeria.


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