Practitioners should be weary of political accounts – Experts

Experts in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry have warned its practitioners to be weary of political accounts during the 2019 electioneering campaigns.

They made the call to avert the scenario that placed out in the 2014 electioneering campaigns where most players in the industry ended up incurring debts as a result of handling political accounts.

According to the Executive Secretary, Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (MIPAN), Mr. Eki Adzufeh, practitioners should be careful in handling political accounts.

Adzefeh decried that Nigerian politicians cannot be trusted as most of them would ask an agency to execute a brief and after such agency must have collected loan from the bank to carry out the campaign, they would refuse to pay the agency.

In his words: “When the campaign comes, politicians will have to tell people who they are and what they do and all that. I know that a chunk of the businesses will still come to media agencies and creative agencies and all that. A political campaign being what it is, the money might look big but if you are not careful, most of the agencies will end up in debts, so we have to be very careful about that.”

Corroboration his assertions, the Managing Director, Ladybird advertising agency, Mrs. Bunmi Oke, decried the failure of politicians to pay advertising agencies what is due to them after their campaigns have been executed.

Oke pointed out that this is the major reason why most advertising agencies are restraining themselves from politics, adding that the scenario that played out in 2014 was that most agencies ran campaigns for politicians only to be denied payment for their works.

“We will all be jostling for political jobs and the process of electioneering in Nigeria if politicians often pay us what is due after executing their campaigns, because we had a situation in 2014, a lot of people did political campaigns and there was nothing in the kitty for them.” She said.



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