Powerbrand Experiential acquires multipurpose mobile LED advertising truck

Powerbrand Experiential, the newly established experiential marketing agency and sister brand to the award-winning Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications Agency (Agile Communications), is poised to make a resounding impact in the Out-of-Home and experiential marketing sector with its acquisition of a multipurpose mobile LED advertising truck.

This greatly commendable feat is part of the company’s dynamic strategies and efforts to enhance brand stories whilst providing the much-desired exposure and engagement for client’s brands and products.

The Powerbrand Mobile LED truck would provide new avenues for targeted Out-of-Home advertising and brand activation nationwide. It has a 12ft by 6ft screen on both sides, perfect for navigating through target areas and dual carriageways. It also has a 4.2ft by 4.7ft rear screen with a 4ft lift suspension to extend projection which would be of immense value for live events. The truck can do it all; from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, Live Streaming, Experiential Activities/Activations and so much more. It can go virtually anywhere with visuals and audio, which takes us to a versatile realm of consumer engagement.

Additionally, the truck is geo-fenced for data mining to provide accurate information on the number of impressions collected during each campaign, and this guides brands’ decisions to run retargeting campaigns through social media or mobile apps.

In his speech during the unveiling of the truck, Chairman of Agile Group of companies, Mr. Rufai Ladipo expressed his confidence and optimism in the potentials of the truck to further amplify brand stories by taking the message to the consumers. He said, ‘The truck can be maximized for multiple purposes ranging from traditional outdoor advertising to remotely targeted brand communications including political campaigns, live sports streaming, etc bringing the desired message where the target constituents are.

According to the Head of Operations and, Mr. Ali Abayomi, ‘The PowerBrand Mobile LED board offers the same advantage as the traditional backlit billboard with an additional mobile feature to go wherever and whenever taking full advantage of the traffic and crowd at various points of convergence. With up to 10 spots to communicate different messages, there is no doubt that the truck will capture rapt attention at any point in time. The messaging is even more lit at nights when the truck’s internal 300-watt halogen bulbs light up the ads along the city’s ever-busy streets.
He further enjoined brands to take advantage of this opportunity, whilst emphasizing the availability and affordability of the truck in supporting brands to their success metrics and reach their target audience across a wide range of locations.

Powerbrand experiential newly acquired LED Truck can go virtually anywhere, with visuals and audio, providing new avenues for targeted out of home advertising and experiential marketing campaigns at a nationwide level!


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