PepsiCo records success in sustainability targets despite pandemic

PepsiCo has released its 2020 Sustainability report which outlines the progress of its social and sustainability agenda across its supply chain during a pandemic ravaged year.

Speaking about the company’s progress so far, PepsiCo Chief Sustainability Officer, Jim Andrew said 2020 was undoubtedly a year of challenges. According to him, “The challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic impacted every corner of the globe and highlighted the urgent need to partner and drive change towards a more sustainable and resilient food system”.

The Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Ramon Laguarta averred that the need to amplify efforts to save the planet are more critical than before, made worse by the pandemic which have exposed the inequalities that underlined both the food system and society.

He adds that climate change endangers natural resources and estimates that recording any degree of warming could reduce staple crop yields by 10%.

“What used to be a 100-year meteorological event now occurs every other year, and according to the United Nations, more than half of the Earth’s fertile topsoil is deteriorating. It grows food and carbon. It reduces the potential for soils to sequester, increases vulnerability to extreme weather events, and impacts water quality and biodiversity,” Laguarta said.

PepsiCo is deeply rooted in the global food system as a company that procures crops from more than 7 million acres of agricultural land in 60 countries.


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