Palpable excitement as GTCO Food & Drink Festival kicks off

By Zion Rufus

The 6th edition of the GTCO Food & Drink Festival has kicked off today, providing a 3-day weekend of food and endless celebration for food lovers across Africa and the world.

The event, which holds at GTCentre, Plot 1 Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, brings together the greatest minds on the global culinary stage, the most industrious Nigerian small food business owners, and a world-class, state-of-the-art children’s play area.

Excitement is already palpable amongst attendees, as they express their enthusiasm for the event. One participant, Tomi, shared, “I’ve been looking forward to this event all year. It’s always so amazing to see the creativity and innovation of Nigerian small food business owners. I can’t wait to taste all the delicious food and drinks on offer.”

Day 1 also kicks off with a masterclass for attendees. Food lovers can level up their culinary skills with the GTCO free Food Masterclasses and learn from top chefs and boost their cooking skills.

Renowned chefs and culinary experts on lineup include: Jutamas Theantea, The Art of Thai Curry; Natasha Butler, The Origin of Okra Gumbo; Isaac Toups, Cajun Cooking; Ire Hassan-Odukale, Business of Food.

The festival also boasts a wide array of indigenous and continental foods, and the foodies in attendance are thrilled by the variety on display.

From the mouthwatering aroma of grilled meat to the colorful display of exotic fruits, the festival promises to be a feast for the senses. As visitors sample the different delicacies, their taste buds are transported on a culinary journey around the world, leaving them eager for more.

Another attendee, Emeka, added, “I love how the GTCO Food & Drink Festival brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures to celebrate food and drink. The music is also fantastic, and it’s great to see so many people having fun and enjoying themselves.”

The festival’s expansion of vendor stalls from 142 to 204 has also been a highlight for many participants. One small business owner, Bukky, said, “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to showcase my business to such a wide audience. It’s amazing to see so many people come out to support small businesses like mine.”

The festival features three premier DJs in Africa, who will set the scene for a weekend of celebration, food, drink, and togetherness.

The state-of-the-art children’s play area is also expected to be a hit, as parents and guardians can enjoy the festival while their children play in a safe and secure environment.

The kick-off of the 6th edition of the GTCO Food & Drink Festival promises to be a resounding success, with participants expressing their delight and excitement for the event.

The festival’s expansion and innovation continues to make it one of the most anticipated events on the global culinary calendar.


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