Oracle set to launch groundbreaking live streaming application to drive differentiation

One of Nigeria’s leading experiential marketing agencies, Oracle Experience Limited, is about to launch a new technology that will make live streaming of events possible from any location in the country.

The device, GOliveNg, which has already undergone test-run is expected to be used as another strategic differentiator, to deepen the agency’s positioning as a cutting edge and technology-driven experiential marketing solutions provider for its numerous client.

Oracle which is known for its leadership in innovative experiential marketing displays, has said that it intends to use the application for the live streaming of the Gulder Ultimate Search Party coming up on the 17th of November.

According to the CEO of Oracle Experiential Limited, Felix King Eiremiokhae, the test run was a success. “Test run live stream on GOliveNG was a huge success and i want to thank the hundreds of people who streamed our test run. So close, we will be ready to stream live events anywhere in Nigeria. Thanks to the GOliveNG crew making this happen,” he said in a Facebook post.

Speaking about the groundbreaking device, Eiremiokhae said. “GoLiveNG is an event live streaming system that enables people to watch events live from their devices via YouTube and Facebook. For instance, the Gulder Ultimate party is happening on the 17th of November and with GOliveNG, you can watch the party from your home and across the world.”

GOliveNG, clearly another major investment in new technologies by Oracle, the invention represents another important industry milestone for Oracle, and it’s a demonstration Oracle’s determination to deepen it competences and expand its market share leadership in Nigeria’s experiential marketing segment.
Oracle is noted for revolutionary ideas and that reflects in some of its experiential marketing strategies for clients. Some of its great marketing ideas include bottle tree an


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