OPay celebrates, rewards top performing agents & aggregators in Nigeria

L-R: Dotun Adekunle, Vice President, OPay, a top-performing Agent in the North, Olu Akanmu, President/Co-Ceo, OPay

Nigerian leading financial service company, OPay, celebrated its top performing agents and aggregators in recognition of their immense contribution to achieving the company’s goal of enabling shared prosperity among Nigerians. OPay and its agents are promoting access to affordable financial services and driving financial inclusion in Nigeria. The award ceremony which started in Lagos on the 29th of December was also held across multiple states such as; Port Harcourt, Kano and Abuja.

Speaking during the award ceremony, the CEO of OPay Nigeria, Olu Akanmu, appreciated the OPay agents and aggregators for being exemplary in setting the pace for financial inclusion in Nigeria, in addition to helping millions of Nigerians to connect to opportunities, share and spread prosperity through OPay. When Nigerians deposits money in their accounts through the OPay agents, it more than cash; It is a deposit of prosperity, a deposit of a plan to prosper, to fulfill a dream for their businesses and families.

Mr Olu further reiterated OPay’s commitment to providing impactful financial services to the underserved customer segment Pan-Nigeria.

L-R: Abraham Enebe, Associate Director, Agency Banking, Olu Akanmu, President/Co-Ceo, OPay, Dotun Adekunle, Vice President, OPay and top performing agents and aggregators in Northern Nigeria.

During the award ceremony, OPay rewarded 30 top performing agents and aggregators across the nation with prizes ranging from chest freezers, flat-screen TVs, washing machines, home theatres and many more.

Vice President, OPay, Dotun Adekunle mentioned that “the sole purpose of the event is to appreciate the agents and aggregators for their commitment and relentless efforts in providing fast and convenient agency banking services in their communities with OPay. We are pleased to announce a policy review, starting from January 1, 2022, there will be a reduction in withdrawal charges. OPay will also be opening more customer support centres across the states to improve service delivery and attend to the needs of agents, aggregators and customers”. Adekunle added.

About OPay
OPay launched its mobile payment service in August 2018, creating an infrastructure on which the company is now also adding new services. The agent-centric mobile payment operation focuses on reaching the massive unbanked population of Nigeria. OPay’s vision is to rapidly support the realisation of Nigeria’s vision for financial inclusion for everyone through the use of global-leading technology. OPay is more than a payment company, it is a one-stop mobile-based platform for payments, transfers, loans, savings and other essential services for every individual.

OPay boasts of over 500,000 active agents and reliable service coverage Pan-Nigeria, is currently the largest agency banking platform in Nigeria.


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