Ogunbiyi pulls out of PDP Gov primary

One of the leading Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirants in Osun State in the Primary election slated for Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi has formally withdrawn from the race.

Ogunbiyi, whom many believed won the PDP Primary election in 2018 but was robbed of the opportunity, cited many instances that the leadership of the party was solely behind Senator Ademola Adeleke in their actions, glaring to all and sundry. He went into memory lane on how he was deliberately schemed out of the primary elections.

Ogunbiyi said two judgements were received from the court, one being the recognition of the Congress conducted under Soji Adagunodo in September 2021 and the other was the Delegate Congress marred by chaos and manipulations to favour Senator Adeleke.

He said further that when they got the Court Judgement, the Headquarters was deliberately locked up and they went into hiding “all because they wanted to install Demola as their candidate”.

Withdrawing from the PDP Primary in Osun State, Ogunbiyi cited glaring bias and injustice.

He said: “It was a very difficult decision for me because of the amount of investment and the hope my leadership would have given to Osun State. But when you have an umpire who is so biased to the extent of planning with the other group, what can you do?

“Distinguished Senator Ayu has agreed to work with Senator Demola Adeleke. I was actually being told that I shouldn’t waste my money. And we did everything so possible and quickly, come to the conclusion to withdraw from the race because up to this moment, they are there planning on how they can execute.

“And irrespective of whatever we get from the court, irrespective of the fact, the people coming from Abuja will always do the dictates of their leaders. So they have made up their minds to give the primary ticket to Senator Ademola Adeleke,” he said.

“If they have done that and I have seen it is concluded, why should I use my credibility. I don’t want them to use my credibility to sustain whatever it is, that is inadequacies. That is why I am withdrawing my participation in the primary election.

“I will duly notify in writing, my withdrawal. Ogunbiyi went further that he was asked directly whether there would be violence?
He said his aspiration to become the Governor of Osun State does not worth the blood of an animal not to talk of human blood.

“When we got the Court Judgement they shut Wadata (Abuja PDP) Head Office and they went into a private place to hold their meetings, all because they want to return Ademola Adeleke. They will come in with heavy policemen and heavy security. The blood of a goat is not worth to be shed for my ambition. Am not a violent man. Is it thugs or Area Boys, Police or security to counter what they want to do? I don’t want to put my numerous supporters at arms and that is why I withdraw from this race.”

When asked how he would be able to carry his supporters who looked disappointed and dejected with this new development.
Ogunbiyi has this to say: “My supporters, whatever it is, I will get back to them. But at this moment, take it that, I, Dr. Akinade Akanmu Ogunbiyi have done what I think is reasonable, I have withdrawn my participation from the Osun State PDP Primary election coming up tomorrow, Tuesday, March 9, 2022.”


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