Office 2016: Microsoft takes on Google Docs

The multinational computer technology corporation Microsoft has introduced a new wrinkle with the launch of the Office 2016 productivity suite, the latest version of Microsoft’s most profitable product.

Speaking with the Application & Services Group of Nigeria, Mr. Ade Ajayi today, he said the new version of office is made easier for use; and the new release can be connected with skype, OneDrive and OneNote. The apps is built in such a way that one obviously leads to the other, he said.

It’s also designed in other for people to use more of it stuff together in a way that feels ordinary and amusing, and to re-invent productivity.

Mr. Ajayi further said that the functionality is not only in all the Office 2016 for Windows apps, it’s also built into the Office Online Web apps.

For companies with Office 365 for Business accounts, Skype integrates with the corporate directory so that co-workers can communicate, and even start co-authoring documents from their chats.

With Microsoft office 2016, you can work on a Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet, even if someone else is already in there editing. And if you happen to be offline, you can make your changes in the regular desktop suite and they’ll sync up with the web version once you re-establish an internet connection.

As with Google Docs, an unlimited number of people can edit at once — at least in Word and Excel (PowerPoint has a hard limit of 20 simultaneous editors). Also like Google, Microsoft gives you not one, but two indicators as to where someone is inside the document. All of this will roll out for both SkyDrive and Office 365.

This is an upgrade nobody will want to miss. Says Ajayi.


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