O2 Academy bags MARKETING EDGE Outstanding Brand and Digital Academy of the Decade award

By Abimbola Mohammed

O2 Academy, a leading advertising school in Africa, has added another cap to its feather as the academy bagged the 2021 MARKETING EDGE Outstanding brand and digital academy of the decade Awards, held recently in Ikeja, Lagos.

According to MARKETING EDGE, this was in recognition and honour for successfully running an academy for over a decade, which has also become a resource pool for talents by many agencies in the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) industry.

Commenting on the awards, Ozoemena Mbanefo, Provost, O2 Academy, expressed gratitude to MARKETING EDGE for being the first organisation to ever recognise a capacity building brand in Nigeria with a national award.

His words: “It feels good; very rewarding and most importantly, I am proud of what MARKETING EDGE is doing promoting capacity being the first time an advertising academy is getting awarded in Nigeria. We have gotten an award from Loeries and that is an International Award, but on the national platform we have not receive any award. So, I commend what MARKETING EDGE is doing. They are simply showing that capacity building is the way to go, because when you reward people who are doing the right thing more people will want to engage in such.”

“This is indeed a demonstration of the Blue Ocean strategy which was the theme of this year’s MARKETING EDGE Summit and Awards.”

Mbanefo rated the MARKETING EDGE Awards as best in history. Hear him: “I think this is the best advertising award that I have seen in the history of Nigeria’s marketing communications industry. I have attended several ones; for the fact that the who’s who in the industry, including the Governor of Lagos State is here says a lot.

“I am super proud of MARKETING EDGE and I am always proud of the fact that O2 Academy got awarded; this tells us that we are doing something right and we will keep doing it right.”

He added that his Academy has always championed new things in the industry and won’t relent in doing so as it’s about to launch a big surprise that will shake the marketing and advertising ecosystem.

“At O2 Academy we have always been the tree blazer; we have always been the one to champion new things in the industry and what I will not tell you here is the big thing we are about to do. But the most important thing is that we understand the need for relevance in the industry because we serve the young average Nigerian youths.

“We belong to the brands that are people-centric, not customer-centric. Customer-centric is about a business where if you pay me I give you my service, but the people-centric brands understand the need of the people. So, we understand the need of an average Nigerian youth. When they walk into the four walls of the academy we solve their problem, and that is one unique thing about O2 Academy.”


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