NIMN may sanction three former employees over campaign of calumny

The National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) has threatened to take all legal and statutory actions against three former employees over their unrelenting campaigns of calumny and frivolous allegations.

In a statement to members of the institute released on Monday and made available to MARKETING EDGE, the President and Chairman of Council, Tony Agenmonmen declared that the Council was resolved to employ the laws of the country and the Institute’s Code of Professional Marketing practice to deal decisively with these former employees and their sponsors.

According to the memo, the affected ex-staff since their disengagements from the Institute in 2017 “carried in their hearts a bile of anger to bring down the Institute at all costs just because they were legally disengaged by the Institute. Many of those disengaged along with them have since moved on and found more productive activities. Even one of those disengaged same time with them has moved on to become an elected Council member. But this clique of three, egged on by some ethnic jingoists and those who think they can come to power with their support, have remained stuck and continued as if they own the Institute and have the right to work there forever, whether productive or not. They want continuous appeasement or, in their imagination, the heavens will fall”.

The President said further that, “In the past four years and despite their many provocations and disruptive attempts, we have been extremely humane in handling them, not due to any weakness but because the Council, which I have had the honour and privilege of leading, chose to remain focused on building the Institute of our dreams as desired by our genuine members who have been pillars of support and strength for all that we have achieved. We have brought pride back to the Institute.”

Attributing the renewed disruptive activities and blackmail to the recent release of the election guidelines approved by the Council for the forthcoming elections, the President, however, said that the Council would not sit back and watch some disgruntled ex-staff and their sponsors destroy the gains the Institute has recorded in recent years.

Recalling NIMN’s efforts so far in pacifying disengaged employees and their entitlements, Agenmomen said the Institute has paid over N45 million naira to all disengaged employees as old salaries, pensions and all entitlements, yet the aggrieved former workers continue to propagate malice against the body.

“Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the consequential impact on activities and revenue, the Council remains committed to liquidating the remaining unremitted pensions as soon as practicable, not because of any pressures, but because it has been the stand and plan of the Council. To date, we have paid out to former staff over N45 million in owed salaries, allowances, gratuities and pension commitment.”

“Enough must be surely enough! They and their sponsors must stop NOW. The Council and well-meaning members of the Institute have worked hard in the past few years to rebuild and reposition the Institute. Whilst it is still very much work-in-progress, I am proud that we can really say NIMN is back, and we are once again proud marketing people. Therefore, the Council and members of the Institute will not stand by and allow three people who have no record of identifiable contribution to the Institute to continue to disparage the Institute, Council members, President and past Presidents, all designed to blackmail and to achieve undeserved concessions.

“There are enough laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Institute’s Code of Professional Marketing Practice to deal decisively with this group. If they do not desist forthwith, the Council has the capacity to bring them and their sponsors to book in accordance with the laws of the federation of Nigeria and the Code of Professional Marketing Practice.”


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  • Obiora Nkencho | 2021-05-07 19:53:53
    Tony Agenmomen was forced by Efcc to sign an agreement to settle our unremitted pension money which he and his predecessor was busy debiting without remitting over the years.. The membership strength of 13000 was as a result of our hard work which Tony and his group reduced to less than 9000. What a shame!! Yet he boast of performing. Enang is the same. Nimn now has not brought us anything better. Tony is a failure and I can anywhere prove it beyond doubt.