Nimbus Media partners Morainbow Foundation to celebrate 2021 World Down Syndrome Day

As part of her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Nimbus Media Limited, an outdoor advertising agency, partnered with Morainbow Foundation to publicize World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), which held on the 21st March 2021, using the company’s network of digital advertising screens at shopping malls across Nigeria.

This year’s WDSD focused on improving connections to ensure that all people with Down Syndrome can connect and participate on an equal basis with others. Awareness for the event started early in March as Nimbus Media showcased models with Down syndrome on digital screens at different shopping malls in 5 states and 8 locations hereby helping to achieve the goals for the year’s WDSD.

During a conversation on the success of the event with Tola Makinde, the founder of MSDF, she said: “Nimbus helped in reaching out to literates as well as those in the grassroots area who have down syndrome by showcasing the models which have helped to improve how those with down syndrome feel about themselves, gave them courage and moved them from the stage of denial.”

According to MSDF, reviews from parents of persons with Down Syndrome have so far shown that they are traumatized, need maximum support, and this CSR by Nimbus Media Limited helped to catch the attention of parents who have been keeping their children isolated because of how they looked and give them another perspective.

The foundation hopes that before the next World Down Syndrome Day in 2022, they would have amplified awareness through their media platform, gained more involvement from government, corporate and private systems to boost outreach through funding, medical support, partnering with UNICEF, USAID, partner with modeling agencies in showcasing down syndrome models, adoption schemes, capacity building and job placement in the communities.

This partnership follows the company’s trend of partnering and promoting charities and social causes. The company hosts an annual event called “Nominate a charity” where the public votes for their favourite charity to receive a month worth of exposure on the company’s network of digital screens across shopping malls in Nigeria.

About Nimbus Media Limited

Nimbus Media Limited is an out of home media and advertising company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is in the business of selling spaces at choice locations with the use of digital screens.


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