Nigerite set to officially Launch Kalsi Building Board Solutions

Nigerite Ltd, a complete building solutions company has concluded plans to formally launch Kalsi, a new innovative product which is the major component in the dry construction system, with professionals in the Nigerian built sector.

The Kalsi product launch which has been slated to hold at Lagos Oriental Hotel on the Victoria Island area of Lagos is being packaged as an elaborate event in view of its pre-eminence in providing sustainable and modern building solutions with a view of achieving the nation’s quest for resolving housing deficit in the country.

Already, major players in the built sector have been contacted to be part of the ceremony which will herald a new dawn in the country. Besides the unveiling of Kalsi to the target audience, the event will also witness a key note address by Nigerite’s Managing Director, Mr. frank Le Bris and a short presentation of Kalsi Building board solutions as a major component of the Dry Construction system by Builder Wale Ogungbe on the company’s resolve to maintain its market leadership as a complete building solutions company.

Commenting on the proposed Kalsi launch, Marketing Manager, Nigerite, Mr. Abayomi Lawal said the launch of this product is the outcome of the momentum that has long been built around the product over time, stating that with the introduction of Kalsi, Nigerians and prospective home owners are guaranteed quality and affordable products for their dry construction building systems.

“We have been building momentum for the eventual launch of Kalsi for a long time and the launch we are planning to do is therefore a major step towards offering prospective home owners quality and affordable options in their dry construction drive”, Lawal said.

The Marketing Manager expressed optimism about the quality and standard of all products on Nigerite’s stable, noting that the new Dry construction solutions would showcase another system to the built professionals and contractors as a worthwhile alternative to the conventional method of building with bricks, blocks and concrete. This method can also be used to complement existing structures built with the conventional system where there is need for renovations and face-lifts.

“Our products are time tested and have come of age as can be seen in numerous private and commercial buildings that have witnessed the test of time all over the country.”

Kalsi building boards come in sizes of 1.22m x 2.44m and 1.22m x 3.00m and thicknesses from 6mm to 20mm:

  • 6mm for application in interior/exterior ceilings
  • 8mm and 10mm for application in internal partitions
  • 8mm for sidings cladding. (with a wood textured finish)
  • 12mm for application in cladding and exterior walls
  • 20mm for application in suspended floor framed base

Kalsi which hitherto has been domiciled within the Etex group, the parent company of Nigerite is being introduced into the Nigerian market to meet the growing demand of Nigerians.

Nigerite limited is a member of Etex Group worldwide with over 120 factories in 44 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. It has been in existence in Nigeria for more than 55years providing excellent roofing, ceiling, flooring solutions and its latest innovation, Dry construction.


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