New Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita Inspired by Nigerian Culture and Style

As an organization that constantly strives to keep its customers refreshed and satisfied, Chi Limited has introduced a new variant of Happy Hour by Chivita into the marketplace. The new variant, ‘Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita’ will now join other popular variants from the brand’s stable to offer consumers more choices for refreshment.

Widely considered the toast of most parties and consumed as a party starter, chapman drink can easily be enjoyed by anyone. Being one of our indigenous drinks, the unique Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita contains a blend of fruits and is poised to gain huge acceptance by Nigerians because it infuses our culture and style in a refreshing mix.

Hassan Mustapha, a brand analyst, stated that the new Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita offers a refreshing way to enjoy our favourite chapman drink.

“It is interesting to see how this brand has been able to coin a compelling narrative, “Refreshment Naija Style” to endear itself to consumers. It ticks the right boxes in this regard as it is made in Nigeria, takes into consideration our local taste, connects with our style and offers refreshing value that is in a class of its own,” he noted.

Ibiyemi Idowu, an insurance broker, stated that chapman drinks are the favourite starters in a Nigerian party and a refreshing drink the average party goer looks forward to on the menu.

“I believe the new Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita is a bold statement by the brand to complement our authentic Naija experiences through amazing refreshment. It has the unique Nigerian feel that I believe would resonate with consumers with respect to preference for a readily available chapman drink,” she said.

Speaking on the new variant, Marketing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya said that Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita is an indigenous drink ideal for its offer of an unrivalled burst of refreshment.

“Chapman is all about refreshing taste and flavours deeply ingrained in the Nigerian mindscape. For us, this is more than just a regular refreshment offering – it’s a tribute to what makes us happy and refreshed in our own Nigerian way – hence Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita is truly ‘Refreshment Naija Style’.” he stated.

First rolling out in 150ml juice boxes, each pack of Chapman Happy Hour by Chivita is full of tasty fruitiness that is guaranteed to keep the consumer refreshed and satisfied. By making this new variant available, it is certain that Happy Hour by Chivita’s control over shelf space will increase and with it, share of the market and the consumer’s mind space.




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