Meet MARKETING EDGE 2021 Summit & Awards sponsor – Playhouse Communication Ltd

Playhouse Communication Ltd, a leading full service digital marketing agency that offers digital advertising, market strategy planning and research services in Nigeria believes that successful brands need to create communications that engage. As one of Nigeria’s prominent media solutions providers in the digital space, the agency has proven that digital, whether mobile or internet, be it a game, an app, a website or just a banner, offers a cost effective platform for creating and maintaining dialogue.

The company is a 360° full service digital marketing agency that boasts of a broad range of services which include: Digital Advertising, Strategy & Planning, Creative Development & Programming, Social Media Development & Management, Research, Media planning & Buying as well as Innovation. Through these, the multi-faceted agency has showcased itself as a   provider of innovative advertising media platforms that meet the needs of all its clients across the board.


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